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The Best Curry Recipe Collection By The Curry Guy


Hello and welcome to The Great Curry Recipes Website!


Here you will find all of my favourite Indian, Thai, Chinese and American recipes that have been tried and tested in my own home kitchen. Over the past four years I have visited and cooked in countless restaurants to learn the secrets of making the best curries and sides around. In fact, my site currently has over 600 free recipes that you can use to make authentic Indian and takeaway style recipes at home.

Only the most popular recipes make it into my ebooks. Yes, the recipes are here on the site for you free of charge but if you would like to have the ease of reading them on your kindle, iPad, Mac, PC or many other tablets and smartphones, I’ve put them into convenient ebooks that you can download for less than a pint of lager!

I currently have four ebooks which include my best selling “How To Make British Indian Restaurant Style Meals”. I’ve listed them all below.

New Book OUT NOW! 

The Easy Balti Cookbook

The Easy Balti Cookbook – Delicious curries in minutes

“The Easy Balti Cookbook” is just what the title implies. This is a collection of delicious 30 minute balti curries and sides that can easily be made in about 30 minutes. The book is perfect for those who love the flavour of authentic baltis. Although I have included recipes for my base curry sauce and other curry house preparation methods for pre-cooked meats and vegetables, they aren’t essential for using this ebook. You can literally start from scratch and whip up a tasty balti after work with very little effort.

The recipes were all developed by me but the cooking methods and recipe ideas came from some of the UK’s top balti chefs.

Recipes include,Chicken Tikka Masala Balti, Turkey Peshawari Balti, Lamb Keema Balti, Chicken Saag Balti and fresh homemade naans just to name a few.

You can download this ebook now on Amazon here

How to Make British Indian Restaurant Style Meals.

Curry House Style Recipes that can be made at home

In “How To Make British Indian Restaurant Style Meals” you’ll learn all the UK curry house favourites. You will be making fresh and amazing tasting curries, kebabs and flatbreads in your own kitchen. These recipes have not only been tested by me but by the readers of my blog.

Recipes Include; Chicken Tikka Masala, Chicken Korma, Lamb Vindaloo, Lamb Keema, Crab Samosa, Tarka Dhal, Fresh Curry House Naans, Chapatties and many more!

You will learn to make these recipes just as they do at the most popular curry houses around the UK. Using my curry base sauce you will be able to make many different popular curries in no time. That’s right… you could be whipping up a chicken tikka masala for the kids, a chicken chilli garlic for yourself and a spicy lamb madras and chicken vindaloo for your guests in minutes. I will show you how.

You can download this ebook on Amazon here.

Low Fat Indian Takeaway ebook cover

Great takeaway style curries without all the fat!

In writing this book I wanted to capture the amazing flavours of the British takeaway curry but reduce the fat by a lot. These recipes were all very popular on my blog so I put them into a convenient ebook. You will learn how to make all your favourite curries using next to no fat. Believe me… you will never know these dishes are actually good for you.

Now you can enjoy great Indian takeaway food without having to count the calories!

You can download this ebook on Amazon here.

41 Great Indian Seafood Dishes

Includes all my favourite seafood recipes!

“41 Great Indian Seafood Dishes” features many of my favourite seafood recipes. These are the recipes that also happened to get the best response from the readers of my blog.

In this book I walk you through each recipe, some of which have been made many times and perfected. If you are a seafood fan like me, this is the book for you.

You can download this ebook on Amazon here.

If you’ve enjoyed reading my recipes here on the blog, then why not take a minute to download one of my  e-cookbooks? I’ve written them with curry fans in mind and priced them low so you don’t need to spend a fortune to get your favourite Indian curry recipes.

The recipes inside are versions of what you will find here on the site. They have all been tried and tested by me in my own home kitchen. I will walk you step by step through each and every recipe. What’s more, I am available online on Twitter, Facebook and via email to answer any recipe questions you may have!



2 Responses to “The Best Curry Recipe Collection By The Curry Guy”

  1. Stuart says:

    Love your recipes.
    I’ve tried several and they are fantastic.
    Chicken Madras is excellent.
    I’ve made it at least 5 times and every batch has been great, same with the jalfrezi.
    Today I bought your Balti e-book and tried the Chicken Chasni Balti. I couldn’t find mint sauce so tried making it. My mint sauce recipe called for white wine vinegar, sugar, and fresh mint. Seemed OK but the chasni was far too sweet and the vinegar notes were too strong. Can you be specific about what style of mint sauce you are using in that recipe.

    • Dan Toombs says:

      Hi Stuart

      Thank you for purchasing my ebook. I use Coleman’s mint sauce usually. It works really well. Hope this helps. By the way, if your curry tastes too strong of vinegar, cook it a little longer or add a little stock. Cooking the vinegar longer will weaken the flavour.


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