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Archive for February, 2011

Chicken Biryani with Summer Squash for that Special Occasion

Chicken Biryani – or for that matter all biryani dishes are reserved for the most special of occasions.

I love the aroma of the rice and marinaded chicken when the lid is finally raised and the biryani is presented to our guests. The addition of yellow summer squash in this recipe is a sweet and tasty add-on that makes this chicken biryani even more spectacular.


Cloud Like Indian Roti Bread That is Too Good For Words

This is a very special Roti Bread recipe! If you are a keen Indian food fan, you will no doubt have a favourite indian bread. At my house it is this special roti that we make from low fat milk and yoghurt. If there is one easy recipe you must make from my blog it […]


Indian Food Recipes – Langoustine and Crab Curry for All You Seafood Lovers Out There

This is an Indian food recipe that I made up in university. Well almost. I made it up then but perfected it later after eating and enjoying a lot of Goan seafood curries over the years.


Indian Food Recipes – Onion Tarka is a Must Have Ingredient for many Indian Dishes

A lot of Indian food recipes ask for onion tarka. Often they do not refer to it as onion tarka because the recipe needs so little it is easier to just say fry an onion until it is crispy. Other Indian food recipes such as Lamb Raan and Tarka Dhal require quite a lot of […]


Indian Food Recipes – How to Make The Best Rice Pilau Recipe

Nothing makes a good Indian dinner into an outstanding Indian dinner to be remembered like a great rice pilau.   Done correctly, rice pilau can be eaten with your favourite curry or simply on its own. In fact I used to make this rice pilau recipe quite often in my university years when I needed […]


Baby Carrot Thoran – The Perfect Side for Your Next Curry Night

A Thoran is a vegetable stir-fry dish from Kerala in Southern India. You can use different types of in-season vegetables. Here I have used baby carrots which I purchase from our local farmers market but you can use the vegetables of your choice.


A Healthy Yellow Squash Vegetarian Curry That is Bound to Please!

Have you ever tried yellow squash vegetarian curry?

I used to make this dish growing up in California with pumpkins but as I now live in the UK yellow squash is much easier to come by. Both taste spectacular in this well seasoned vegetarian curry.


Try This Delicious Stir-fried Cabbage and Coconut from Kerala

This is an easy and tasty stir-fried cabbage side dish!     I first tried this fantastic stir-fried cabbage dish at the wedding for a friend. His best man was from Kerala and had organised a full traditional Indian spread for the party. I talked the caterers into giving me this quick and easy stir-fried […]


Goan Coley Fish with Green Chilli Chutney – An Easy and Tasty Indian Fish Recipe

Are you looking for an easy Indian fish recipe that tastes fantastic? Coley is part of the cod family but is not endangered like cod. I went deep see fishing with some friends last August and ended up catching several coley which I cooked up later that evening. Indian food is always best when the […]


Rabbit Vindaloo Recipe That Will Get Your Guests Begging For More

This Rabbit vindaloo recipe is a real wintertime treat.

You could of course use other meats but in the winter months I love to use rabbit. The meat which tastes a lot like chicken is so tender when marinaded in the following yoghurt marinade and cooked in the oven for about half an hour