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Pre-Cooking Meat for Adding to Restaurant Style Curries


Most lamb restaurant style curries use pre-cooked lamb meat

cooked meat for use in restaurant style curries

Cooked meat for using in restaurant style curries

Go out for most restaurant style curries and you will find that more often than not the only type of red meat on the menu is lamb. This is down to religious restrictions and many of the restaurant managers not wishing to cook with beef or pork.

Both beef and pork are eaten in some regions of India and you will find many nice recipes including these meats on this site.

If you wish to cook your favourite curry house restaurant style curries, find yourself a good butcher and purchase the best quality lamb or mutton you can find. I tend to use leg of lamb as it is both tender and has loads of flavour.

Many restaurants use less expensive cuts such as shoulder which requires a longer cooking time.

Regardless of the cut you use, you will need to cook your lamb for about 45 minutes for leg and 70 to 90 minutes for shoulder. In restaurants this is almost always done ahead of time so that they can whip up great curries with tender lamb in minutes rather than hours.

Serving Size

Generally speaking, you will want to prepare about 150g to 250g of lamb meat for each diner depending on how many curries and side dishes you are planning on serving and of course how hungry everyone is.


Restaurant style curries freeze well so don’t worry about making too much!


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Lamb meat cut into bite sized pieces
4 Tablespoons ghee
Restaurant style curry sauce (250ml or 1 cup for every 500g lamb meat)
turmeric (1 teaspoon for every 500g lamb meat)


In a large pan, melt the ghee. Add the turmeric. The turmeric will begin to get darker as it cooks.

Now brown the meat chunks. This can be done in batches if necessary.

Pour in a little curry sauce and coat the meat. Lower the heat and cover to cook slowly for about 45 minutes.

You may need to add a little water so the meat doesn’t burn.

When the meat is very tender, remove it from the pan and either use immediately with your favourite restaurant style curries or refrigerate for later.


The meat can also be frozen for up to six months and used the next time you plan a curry night of restaurant style curries.


Please stop back by and let me know which of the restaurant style curries you chose to make with the lamb. Using pre-cooked lamb and curry sauce, you can make many different restaurant style curries in no time!

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  1. Sounds very easy!And delicious!:-)

  2. Kev says:

    Hi mate,just loving your dishes on about the 4th now and all going down well.How would you pre cook goat meat for your bir recipes

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