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Archive for August, 2011

Pre-cooking Chicken For Restaurant Style Curries

  The fast pace of most Indian restaurant kitchens makes in necessary to pre-cook the meat used in their curries. This is especially so with tougher cuts of meat such as lamb and pork but many kitchens pre-cook their chicken as well. Following is an easy way to pre-cook your chicken so that you can […]


Want To Know How To Make The World’s Best Lemon Rice?

  Put simply, lemon rice is perfect rice.   Lemon rice recipes can be found in almost every good Indian cookbook. In India lemon rice is usually reserved for special occasions such a weddings and birthdays. This recipe makes a light, fluffy rice that has a tangy lemon flavour that is perfectly matched with a […]


Venison Curries – Not Seen Often But Amazingly Good!

  Venison curries are Amazing Curries   Venison curries like this one from Northern India are Simply Delicious! Unfortunately you are unlikely to find anything like it in your local curry house. For that matter, you probably won’t find venison curries in India either where shooting deer is now illegal. This is too bad as […]


How to Make Out Of This World Masala Mashed Potatoes

Masala Mashed Potatoes Get It!   I have tried my share of masala mashed potatoes but this recipe is my favourite. It is both easy and tastes great. When I make masala mashed potatoes I normally make enough for eight people even if I’m not serving that many. The left overs can be mixed with […]


How To Make Soola Kabab (Kabob) Paste

  Soola Paste is a great all-round cooking paste   This soola recipe is from the Rajasthan in Northern India. I’ve been making it for years and use it on all types of food. Though it is most often used to make soola kababs, it is really an all-round paste that can be used to […]


How to Make Delicious Lamb Samosas

  Lamb samosas are a favourite curry house treat!   I love samosas. Whatever the filling – whether it be the crab samosas I wrote about a couple of months back or the amazing haggis samosas my wife made in Scotland last week, samosas just get it! They may not be the best Indian food […]