A Review Of British Indian Restaurant Style Cooking By Mick Crawford.

British Indian restaurant style cooking is available in Printed and PDF Additions.

British Indian Restaurant Style Cooking

A must-have cookbook for BIR curry lovers

If there is one cookbook author I would like to meet someday, it’s Mick Crawford.

He is passionate about British Indian restaurant (BIR) style cooking and this comes through loud and clear in his first book ‘British Indian Restaurant Style Cooking’. If you like Indian restaurants and takeaways, you are going to devour this book.

Mick starts with a short introduction about how he has learned to cook BIR style dishes over the years. He then gives you points and tips for using his book and a list of the main ingredients you will need.

If you love BIR curries, you need to have ‘British Indian Restaurant Style Cooking’ in your library!

He clearly explains how to prepare these ingredients so that you can use them quickly and easily to make your own mouthwateringly good Indian dishes.

I have made every one of Mick’s recipes. I downloaded the pdf version from his website about a year ago and am now enjoying the new printed version. I have never been disappointed with any of his recipes.

The funny thing is, both he and I specialise in BIR cooking but our recipes are quite different. This just goes to show that there is no one formula. It is obvious that Mick has learned from some very talented chefs.

The book is beautifully illustrated with pictures taken by the author. No food stylists or fancy lighting here! Mick has carefully prepared the dishes and photographed them. What you see is what you get. I like that. There’s nothing worse than a cookbook that shows pictures of food that don’t match the recipes!

You will find most of your favourite starters like onion bhajis, kebabs and prawn puris. I have to say I love Micks prawn puri recipe.

Moving on, there are quite a few stand out recipes in the main course section. You are bound to find the one you’re looking for here. I am a big fan of the chicken jalfrezi and the vindaloo. From dhansak to korma, pathia to madras, Mick Crawford tells you how to make them in ‘British Indian Restaurant Style Cooking’.

And now for the bonus! The book comes with a link to Mick’s online video library. You can watch Mick’s chef friends using Indian restaurant chef techniques to create excellent Indian food at home.

Great first effort Mick Crawford!

I highly recommend ‘British Indian Restaurant Style Cooking’ to anyone who wants to create their Indian restaurant favourites at home! The printed version £9.99 and the pdf version £2.99 can be purchased on Mick’s website at http://www.indiancurryrecipes-cbm.com/online-store.php.

Disclaimer:The printed version of Mick’s book was sent to me free of charge to enjoy!

P.S. I very happily purchased the pdf version and am so glad I did.

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