How To Make Homemade Papadams

Most good Indian restaurant chefs make their own homemade papadams.

Homemade papadams

Homemade papadams

There’s really no point going to all the trouble of cooking great British Indian restaurant (BIR) style food at home, just to settle for those pre-made stale papadams that are sold in the shops. Either forget the papadams all together or make them yourself.

Homemade papadams are so much better. It’s the only way you can get the true BIR papadam experience.

The great news is that it isn’t difficult to make them yourself. Many supermarkets and fine food shops now sell papads. Papads are flat lentil disks that when fried turn into lovely papadams. Of course you will find them in almost every Indian shop.

If you’re watching the calories, you could also plop these discs in the microwave for about 30 seconds but the end result isn’t as good.

But  for true papadams like you find in the curry house, you’re going to need some vegetable oil.

frying papadams

frying papadams

You are going to need a wire rack, paper towels and a slotted spoon.

Serving size – one to two papadams per person.


Papads (1 to 2 per person)
Vegetable oil for deep frying


Heat the oil in a large wok.

When a piece of papad puffs up quite quickly in the oil, it is hot enough to get started.

I usually cook two papads at a time to speed things up a bit.

When you drop the papads in the oil, they will very quickly become full sized papadams. Remove them from the oil when this happens with a slotted spoon.

Don’t be tempted to let them turn a light brown as they will burn. The papadams continue cooking when removed from the oil.

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Papads ready for cooking!

Place the cooked papadams on a paper towel to soak up the excess oil and then store on a wire rack.

Serve immediately with a selection of pickles and chutneys or store in a very low oven until ready to eat.

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  1. says

    Totally agree Dan. I’ve not done them at home for a long time as I am fighting the flab, but best results are fried, but microwaved are better than people might expect. Note, don’t overdo them in the microwave, they will be a bit floppy as you take them out but they crisp up as they cool.

  2. Dan Toombs says

    Cheers Keith. I usually try to have a good run first so that I can enjoy them without feeling too guilty. Totally agree about the cooking in microwave bit. I like them deep fried! LOL.

  3. says

    It had never occurred to me to do papadams! I usually make Naan bread but these would make a good change. I’ve put papads on my shopping list.


  4. Susan El Carter says

    The make of papadams in the pic is the one we used to get from Tesco but they stopped selling them. :( They produced the best papadams (tried a few othe makes)- thin, light and crispy.

    We have them as starters with plenty of toppings – trouble is they are so nice that we can end up full before the main course :)

    We’ll have to make a trip into Cardiff to get some more.

    • Dan Toombs says

      Definitely worth the drive. I know what you mean. I have to really watch myself when the papadams hit the table. They are so nice especially with a few nice pickles and chutneys!

  5. Peter Finegan says

    Isn’t that just cooking already made papads? Could you not show how to make them? otherwise you are just reheating effectively.

    • Dan Toombs says

      Point taken but it is difficult to do a better job than what you can purchase in the shop. I am just trying to point out that cooking raw papads is much better than purchasing ready fried pappadams. :-)

    • Dan Toombs says

      I’ve even done them in the microwave. Never tried the grill before. Will do next time. Thanks Alan.

  6. Dave says

    Deep fried I find much better than microwaved. Some tongs work better than others too to fish them out quick! Interestingly some oils evaporate off better than others. I had used an oven on low (50 degrees) to get rid of the excess oil, but when I topped up my regular oil from a poundshop with about 25% sunflower oil, it went without needing the time in the oven.

  7. Karl says

    Try the web-site “Spices of India”. They have a great selection of the Lijat brand of papads. I always grill
    now as it’s quick and less fatty. I’ve never used pre-cooked.

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