A Review Of ‘Reza’s Indian Spice’ By Reza Mahammad

‘Reza’s Indian Spice – Eastern Recipes For Western Cooks’ –

Experience the thrill of great Indian food with Reza Mahammad!

Reza's Indian Spice by Reza Mahammad

The must-have book for you Indian food lovers out there!

Ever since I first saw Reza Mahammad with Sanjeev Bhaskar on the UKTV Food Channel’s Delhi Belly I have been inspired by his passion for food. In fact I liked his style so much I insisted on taking my wife to his restaurant The Star of India in London where we enjoyed some of the most amazing food we’ve ever had the pleasure of eating. So when Quadrilla Publishing sent me a copy of Reza’s new book ‘Reza’s Indian Spice’ to review, I literally couldn’t wait to get stuck in!

I had just returned from an evening out with my family when I spotted the book on the counter. Luckily we had some yogurt and rhubarb in the fridge so I decided to make Reza’s Rhubarb lassi for the kids before waving them off to bed. It was lovely and unique – a great place to start.

Over the next few weeks, we made most of the recipes in this fun new cookbook. Reza’s Indian Spice is clearly written and divided into six well laid out chapters – Quick and Chic, Slow Burners, Showing Off, Classic Curries, Perfect Partners and Sweet Like Candy. It’s so easy to find what you are looking for. The book is packed with recipes so you will be spoilt for choice.

Reza’s Indian Spice will be published
in June 2012.

I could just talk you through each section but thought it might be better to start with the pages that have the most sauce splats and turmeric stains.

The first recipe I tried was the Sweet-sour lamb pulau on page 51. This dish was amazing. In fact it was so tasty that my wife asked me to make it again two nights later for my in-laws. We served the pulau with Reza’s cucumber raita on the first occasion and then with the coriander and yogurt dip. Both were just as Reza describes them – ‘Perfect partners’.

Having thoroughly enjoyed the pulau, I decided to take it up a notch and try some of the recipes in Reza’s Showing Off chapter – which I should add now looks very well used.

I decided to go all out for some dinner guests and made the Spice Crusted Monkfish In Tomato Sauce (Page 62), and the Chicken With Apricots and Potato Straws (Page 67). With these I served plain rice and the Beansprout Salad With Chargrilled Asparagus and Coconut (Page 116). I shall now describe the evening’s meal in the word’s of one of my dinner guests… Yum!

Other recipes that deserve a mention are the Spicy Chicken Burger (Page 22), the Sweet and Sour Stuffed Chicken (Page 38), the Scallops with Coconut and Ginger (Page 61) and the amazingly delicious Stuffed Quails With Creamy Sauce (Page 68). I could go on and on but it’s making me too hungry.

For those of you with a sweet tooth, you will love Reza’s Rose Petal and Cardamom Kulfi (Page 150). I made this recipe with the help of my eight year old daughter and she now wants to make them all the time. The Mango Brûlée (Page 146) also needs to be on your recipe to try list!

The book is beautifully illustrated. Let’s just say the food seems to jump off the page willing your to give it a go.

Reza’s Indian Spice, offers a fresh new look at Indian food.

Well done Mr Mahammad! I can hardly wait until game season when I can try your Stuffed Haunch Of Venison! It looks mouthwateringly gorgeous!

Disclaimer:My copy of Reza’s Indian Spice – Eastern Recipes For Western Cooks was sent to me free of charge by Quadrilla Publishing to review. Thank you very much Quadrilla! I love it.

Reza’s Indian Spice – Eastern Recipes For Western Cooks
Author: Reza Mahammad
Published by: Quadrilla Publishing
ISBN 978-1-84949-141-9

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    A great review, Dan. You’ve tried all the dishes I haven’t! I thought you and your followers would be interested in our new video of Reza cooking a South African inspired dish from this gorgeous book. Just go to http://www.talkingoffood.com and it’s on the home page. Apologies for pushing my own website, but I genuinely think you’d like it!

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