Product Review – Caralicious Vodka By The Fabulous Vodka Company

Caralicious Vodka is now my wife’s favourite after dinner drink!

Caralicious Vodka


When Chris Spiller – owner of the Fabulous Vodka Company – contacted me and asked if I wanted to try his caramel vodka, I was very quick to reply. There was no way I was going to turn that one down.

The thing was, I wasn’t really sure how I was going to tie it all in with my curry blog. I’ve had a lot of beer and wine with my curries over the years but not much vodka.

The first weekend after receiving the bottle of Caralicious my wife Caroline and I stirred a splash or two in with our coffee after dinner. It was very nice.

The following day we had friends over for a big curry night so I decided to stick the bottle in the freezer for a few hours to serve it neat and ice cold.

It went down amazingly well. In fact I had to hide the last drop because I wanted to try a new recipe. Everyone around the table that night said they had to order some. The smooth caramel vodka went perfectly well with the mix of curries and sides we were serving.

Carlicious is the result of many years work by Chris Spiller. It wasn’t just about finding the right vodka, Chris needed to find a supplier of high quality caramel. The caramel needed to be able to be blended with the vodka without going cloudy. I wasn’t previously aware that this could be a problem but it sounds like it caused Chris some trouble. Luckily he got there in the end.

I have to say I love the soft – not too sweet flavour of the caramel/vodka mix. The Fabulous Vodka Company recommends trying it with ice cream, coffee, fruit, ginger ale and pineapple juice among other things. Personally I don’t think it needs anything. Caralicious has a nice bite and it’s very drinkable on its own.

The funny thing was, I had just been sent a few ideas for Indian cocktails by Mike Stringer who is an award winning mixologist. Mike, if you’re reading this, please get in touch with your web address. I loved your suggestions.

Mike’s recipes used other vodkas but I was able to alter them and the result was delicious or perhaps I should say caralicious!.

Give the following recipe a try with some Caralicious vodka or just try it on it’s own. If you like vodka, I think you will love Caralicious. Twitter enthusiasts will also want to follow Chris at @fabvodka.

Indian Sweet and Spicy Vodka

35ml Caralicious Vodka
1/2 passionfruit
2 Fresh red chillies
40ml Apple juice
40ml Passion fruit juice
20ml lemon juice

Shake all ingredients and single strain over fresh ice in a tall glass. Easy!

So there you have it. I hope you have a chance soon to try this fantastic vodka drink. I can hardly wait to try it again soon.

Disclaimer:I was sent the bottle of Caralicious vodka free of charge to try. I was, however never asked to write this review. I just wanted to do it. Great stuff!

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    I love caraliscious and currently have a bottle in the freezer. I have to keep it hidden as its very popular with friends and family. It’s the one tipple I’m not that generous with. It’s all mine. GG

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