How To Make An Onion Chutney – BIR Style

You could leave the onions out of this onion chutney and still have a great dip.

Onion chutney sauce

Red sauce without the onion

I have two British Indian restaurant style chutneys which I make often. This one actually uses the same sauce I use for my chicken patia.

I learned how to make it from a friend at my local tandoori. He has since moved on but thanks to him I have this excellent recipe.

If you are a big fan of onion chutneys in red sauce, then be sure to check out my other onion chutney recipe too. One or both will need to be on your ‘to do list’ next time you plan a curry night in.

I am coming out with a ‘Curry Guy’ spice range which includes a curry powder and a tandoori powder. They are slightly smoky and work very well here. You can make your own using my recipes here.

This recipe makes a lot more sauce than you will need but it keeps in the fridge for at least one week and can be frozen. I recommend trying my chicken patia recipe with the left-overs!


1 large onion – finely sliced

For the sauce
150ml pineapple juice
150ml ketchup
150ml mango chutney
3 – 5 tablespoons mint sauce. (mint sauce is the sour part of the ‘sweet and sour’. Add it to your own tastes.
red food dye
1 tablespoon tandoori powder or curry powder

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Place the sliced onion in a bowl and mix with about three tablespoons of the sauce. You could use more or less sauce if you prefer.

I often serve the red sauce on it’s own without the onion as my kids love the flavour but are not crazy about raw onion.


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