Product Review – Panjaban Curry Sauce – These Are Nice Healthy Sauces

I want to tell you all about Panjaban Curry Sauce!

Panjaban Curry Sauce

Panjaban Curry Sauce can be purchased online.

I met Charanjit Sapal on the Panjaban Curry Sauce stand last week at The BBC Good Food Show Summer. Charanjit and her son Gurjeet founded Panjaban Curry Sauces in early 2010. Gurjeet missed his mother’s home cooking so much, he asked her to send him batches of curry sauce while he was away at university.

The sauce was loved so much by Gurjeet’s friends that he began to sell it around the campus. The rest is history.

I tried four of the sauces on the stand and was very impressed. This is about as close to home cooking as you can get. One thing I really like is that the sauces are made with olive oil instead of vegetable oil or ghee.

Nothing against ghee, but let’s face it… it’s not good for you. I guess that’s why olive oil is becoming quite popular in modern Indian cookery.

The sauces taste great and also have the following benefits;

They are gluten free
They are dairy free
No sugar is used
No additives
Nut free
Coconut free
They are suitable for vegetarians
They have no artificial preservatives

And as mentioned before, they are made with pomace olive oil.

Panjaban Curry Sauce… One really good find!

I am a big fan of cooking everything from scratch. I like to chore away in the kitchen and cook as often as I can.

The thing is, many people, including my oldest daughter hate cooking. She just didn’t get the cooking gene. That said, she will soon be off to university and loves home cooked food.

If you love a great curry without all the fuss, you will most likely devour Punjaban Curry Sauces. If you are also looking for good healthy food that is easy to prepare then give these sauces a go.

It probably sounds as if I’m working for Panjaban Curry Sauce but I can assure you I’m not. I just like to give credit where credit is due.

Using Panjaban Curry Sauces couldn’t be easier. You just need to add a little meat and vegetables and you’re off. If you’re feeling creative, you could even add additional spices, cream, coconut milk, herbs – whatever.

You can order Panjaban Curry Sauces online right here.

What a great find!


    • Dan Toombs says

      Thanks Chris. My daughter – who hates cooking – loves them now. They make cooking a lot easier and they are also quite good for you.

  1. Michael Hale says

    These sauces are fantastic they taste really good and they are not full of additives so you feel like you are having a healthy meal and not skipping on taste!

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