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Feeding Frenzy – Barbecue Ideas with Fish

A Guest Post By Charlotte Rivington with some great barbecue ideas for fish.

BBQ fish

Fish, vegetables, spices and herbs ready to steam in foil on the BBQ

Despite our often reluctant summer weather, one part of the summer seasonal behaviour that puts the “Brit” into British is our dogged determination to get out and barbeque! The moment the sun pops out the disposable barbeque pile down the local twenty four hour garage disappears faster than a locust infested field of wheat.

There’s something about cooking outdoors that is hugely appealing, and if the weather holds out this summer it doesn’t have to be restricted to a burger and a couple of burnt sausages!

Today most of us are more familiar with the indoor type of cookery but the outdoor variety, or at least the over a real flame variety, was the standard version up until only a hundred years ago. Basically, you can cook pretty much anything on a BBQ – the only limit is your imagination.

One particularly easy, but impressive, variation is anything involving fish, which is usually perfect for cooking quickly and easily over a hot grate.

How to cook Fish on the Barbie

Most fish is suitable for barbeque cooking because of its light texture and rapid cooking times. Popular varieties, such as salmon or trout, are ideal for cooking on the barbeque although most fish can be cooked in this way.

The easiest method is to effectively steam the fish, wrapped in foil on a bed of hot charcoal. This is also a particularly healthy way of cooking fish. Fish can also be grilled on a barbeque, or even pan-fried. The big advantage to steaming in foil is that a great range of flavours can be infused into the fish while it cooks.

Prior to cooking the fish can also be marinated to add the flavours of your choice.

Steamy Summer Salmon

Salmon is particularly good with light citrus flavours – lemon or lime depending on your taste – and a little butter and dill. To marinade before cooking add olive oil, crushed garlic and a healthy amount of dill into a plastic container and place the salmon in the marinade and refrigerate for a couple of hours.

Take the salmon out of the marinade around 20 minutes before you’re ready to cook it. To steam the fish wrap each piece individually in foil. Use enough foil to create a ‘packet’ which contains the fish and an air cavity to allow the steam to rise, circulate and steam the fish.

Before sealing the packet add a nob of butter and drizzle the marinade over the fish, seasoning lightly with salt and pepper. The coals should be glowing hot and the wrapped fish can be placed directly onto the grid, cooking for around 20 – 25 minutes.

Grilling Alternatives

Salmon prepared in this way can also be grilled directly on the barbeque grate. Rub a little garlic onto the hot grate – be really, really careful to avoid burning yourself if you use this method. Place the salmon skin side down and cover the whole grid lightly with foil. The salmon should cook in around 20 to 25 minutes but it needs to be turned halfway through – again a great deal of care is needed when doing the turning, children and animals should not be involved!

Whole Fish Food

Using the same method above a whole trout or fish of choice can also be cooked. Stuff the body with butter, herbs and finely chopped onions (or spring onions). Parcel up as above with butter and salt and pepper, and cook for around 25 – 35 minutes. To be sure the fish is cooked properly you can delicately – and again with great care – un-wrap the foil packet and check the fish is cooked through.

Fish adapts well to a whole range of flavours and cooks particularly well over an open fire or barbecue to add a little extra to your barbecue and make it stand out from those in neighbouring gardens!

To add a fishy twist to this summer’s barbeque try ordering fresh fish from your local food delivery service. Fish is best served as fresh as possible so delivery helps to cut the last minute dash to the shops and provides a surprising and tasty alternative to the standard burger in a bun!

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Charlotte Rivington actively blogs about Fashion, Food & Drink covering everything from the latest fashion trends to organic milk. On her spare time she loves shopping, discovering new products & enjoys getting lost in new places as she writes away.

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