A Video On How To Make Homemade Garam Masala

Homemade garam masala will help take your curries to the next level!

I would like you to think of garam masala just as you would the better known curry powders and tandoori masala which are also available in most supermarkets and Asian shops.

For years I only used garam masala at the end of cooking. Many Indian chefs and cookbook authors recommend sprinkling a little garam masala on a curry just before serving.

I now use this spice blend and others like it in my curries and they play a much bigger role.

Those who write about and teach authentic Indian cooking will be jumping up and down about now and screaming “No!”

Professional chefs will say that adding spices to curries is a true art form and no one spice mix could possibly be used in all curries.

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They are right but a good quality spice powder will do a great job for the majority of us.

Although I do enjoy experimenting with spices in my cooking, I know through writing this blog that not everyone has the same obsession. I would never want cooking with these spices to stop you from having fun making great curries quickly and easily.

I hope this video will make it all a little easier or you. If you really can’t be bothered to make your own garam masalas and curry powders, then still purchase good quality masalas to use in your own curries.

Use the freshest ingredients you can find and you’ll see just how good homemade curries can be!

I recommend using this garam masala or a similar version you invent not only on curries but as a dry rub for barbecuing meat and vegetables too.

If you would like to read my very simple garam masala recipe, please click here.

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  1. Pauline says

    Hi Dan

    Just watched your video on making your own garam masala and I’ll definitely give it a go. Your spice grinder looks the business. I bought one a while back (carrying the name of a well known chef) and it has proved to be less than robust. Could you please tell me what brand yours is?


  2. Gerrard Saudners says

    Thanks for that, I have learnt now authentic Indian cooking and BIR cooking but the Garam Masala has been a mystery. your website is excellent, wished I had seen this before!

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