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WIN An Introduction To Bread Making Class At Harrington’s Kitchen Worth £95.00!

What a fun day out!


Rosemary and Onion Foccacia

My blog may be mainly about curry but it’s also very much about quality food! I love to cook! I enjoy learning about cooking – everything from the techniques used to the actual ingredients going into what I cook.

I guess that’s why I’m so hooked on the power of social media. I’ve been fortunate to meet so many people with the same passion.

Stephen Harrington of Harrington’s Kitchen, based in Beckenham, South London, is an enthusiastic artisan baker and chef. He offers bread making classes to share his passion for baking, having previously run his own culinary school in the Basque region of France and a successful catering company in Paris.

Now he is sponsoring an exciting prize draw with one of his popular classes as the prize!

The lucky winner will be invited to attend one of his Saturday morning baking classes in September. The exact date will be agreed between Stephen and the winner. The class starts at 10am and lasts 4 hours, finishing with a feast of the freshly baked bread, delicious hams, cheese and wine!


Hot fresh baguettes!

The cookery classes are small, friendly and fun. Stephen makes sure everyone receives individual attention and leaves the bakery class feeling inspired and confident to share their new recipes and cooking skills with friends and family.

The introduction to Bread Making Class teaches an original no-kneading technique to create a light airy dough, as well as how to produce an impressive range of breads from French Fougasse, Rustic Pecorino and Olive Grissini to a variety of rolls and flavoured Focaccias.

So what are you waiting for?


Fill in the Rafflecopter widget below to verify your entries

Entries can be via blog comment, Facebook, Twitter etc

Closing date 12:01am 30 August 2012 EST

You or the friend of your choice needs to be able to get to Harrington’s by 10am on the day of the class.

Good luck!


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63 Responses to “WIN An Introduction To Bread Making Class At Harrington’s Kitchen Worth £95.00!”

  1. Karen Smith says:

    Would love to learn any basic bread, at the moment I only make it in the breadmaker! My favourite is porter bread.

  2. Hazel says:

    Have just started to ditch the bread machine and get my hands sticky instead so this would be fabulous!

  3. Laura Blight says:

    Love bread! Love baking!

  4. Tink Rhonda Lee Mse says:

    Hi, great competition, I would love to just make bread in general, would be much cheaper than buying it.

  5. Natasha Corder says:

    Hi I love any home made bread it tastes so much better than shop bought. Would like to know how to make ciabatta or foccacia that would be great!

  6. Kath Bowey says:

    I love baking bread but really want to learn how to make specialty breads now!!

  7. Well hopefully you will have learned how to make your own fantastic bread by the end of September at one of my classes-Good luck!

  8. Julz says:

    Hello! I would love to learn to make Sourdough.

  9. Lyn Bosomworth says:

    Would like to know how to make ciabatta as ive never made it from sctrach

  10. Chloe says:

    Would Like To Know How To Make Ciabatta Bread…

  11. I always bake my own bread but I know there is much more that can be learned from experts so I would love to have a chance.

  12. Marie says:

    A hot cross bun loaf. Yum!

  13. louise m says:

    would love to make a nice french stick!

  14. Tracyann Higgs says:

    I like all different types of bread. Would like to learn how to make Bagels.

  15. Sanaa says:

    Would love to make fruited teacakes!!

  16. Allan Smith says:


  17. Natalie Vaudrey says:

    Baking bread for my family, yummy! Proper housewife!

  18. Jenny says:

    The only bread I make at the moment is via the bread-maker, and it always turns out kind of heavy! I would love to learn how to make nice light and tasty bread by hand!

  19. Jenny come to my class it is not only simple but the results are truelly delicious..

  20. Kevin Greenhill says:

    French bread!

  21. The rosemary and onion foccacia looks delicious!

  22. Val swift says:

    I love fresh bread, and would love to be able to do foccacias

  23. Lesley says:

    Aloo paratha nicest bread you will eat failing that good old seeded loaf I love to make it but to learn to make it well would be great

  24. Fran Light says:

    I’d just like to be able to make a decent wholemeal loaf. When I make it, it comes out too dense.
    I am a little fed up of paying shop prices for bread so I’d really like to master this!

  25. Rikka B says:

    I’ve tried bread making many times, but always been disappointed with the results, so any help would be welcome.

  26. Caroline says:

    I’d really like to learn how to make sourdough bread.

  27. Karen says:

    I like making any type of bread, I love the kneading, it’s so therapeutic!

  28. melanie crumpton says:

    Something nutty… love nutty seedy bread

  29. James Lord says:

    I make a lovely sun dried tomato and olive bread.

  30. Elizabeth Smith says:

    I’d like to learn how to make bread with a strong cheese blended through it, without it ending up like a cheesy concrete block!

  31. Hi Elizabeth-Emmanthal cheese grated and incorporated to the dough before forming loaves works-sprinkle in some Cumin powder for extra flavour

  32. Ben Audsley says:

    i want to make foccachia bread

  33. Sandy Ferguson says:

    Would love to make a GREAT authentic pizza base!

  34. Carolyn Philip says:

    I’d like to learn to make sourdough

  35. Alexander Smith says:

    I have recently fallen in love with bread… However I find that you just cant get good bread in England. Its depressing really as I am in France visiting my other half I cant help but visit the bakers every morning for a fresh loaf…

    To learn to cook anything that is full of flavor would be brilliant :-)

  36. Ashley Hamilton says:

    Love to learn to make fresh bread, love the smell of bread baking an it tastes even better x

  37. sue willshee says:

    I’m coeliac so any bread I eat has to be gluten free. As the gluten free breads available from the supermarkets are pretty dry and bland I’d love to learn to bake a decent GF loaf.

  38. Angie Hoggett says:

    a good sourdough loaf

  39. Rebecca Woodroof says:

    lovely baggete

  40. Samantha Jerome says:

    naan bread

  41. James Donovan says:

    I love Olives and can eat them like sweets, so i would love to be able to make a focaccia style bread filled with herbs and olves

  42. Lynn Bright says:

    Would love to learn how to make Italian bread!

  43. Well you can come and learn to make all those breads at and one lucky winner hopefully will be coming very soon!

  44. Stuart Osborne says:

    It would be nice to be able to have the confidence to mass produce fresh bread for the family – we made some one year, didn’t look great but tasted fine and was soon gone – but it took us ages, must be a quicker way.

  45. Sally Willcock says:

    We always used to have something called ‘milk roll’ when we were little which was a round loaf! Wouldn’t mind finding out how they did that.

  46. Denise Sutherland says:

    Hi Stephen

    I would love to learn how to make home made bread, but I dont have an airing cupboard or somewhere warm to make the dough rise. I have thought about putting my oven on low… would this work?



    • Hi Denise

      Turn your oven on whilst you are making the dough-leave it in a bowl covered with a tea towel-after about an hour it will have risen sufficient-definately no need for an airing cupboard!

      • Denise Sutherland says:

        thanks :)

        I have just read my email saying I am the winner and I am so looking forward to meeting you and learning how to make home made bread :)


  47. PENNY RUSSELL says:

    i would love just to know how to make bread! but it would be lethal if i knew as i would be constantly eating it as i wouldn’t be able to resist making it all the time

  48. clare davies says:

    any bread really! ive never tried any bread of any kind so id likre to try them all!!

  49. Agata P says:

    I love French stick. I would love to know how to make it from scratch at home

  50. Carolyn Russell says:

    I love sundried tomato focaccia – that would be delicious

  51. Sarah Parker says:


  52. Silvia says:

    May sound silly but.. how do you make baguettes?

  53. Solange says:

    French bread

  54. Talia says:

    Love bread, but can’t make it!

  55. I would love to know how to make a fresh baguette or some fantastic San Francisco sourdough.

  56. angela sandhu says:

    Sourdough-but i know that takes ages because of the starter x

  57. Nick Wells-Gaston says:

    sundried tomato and parmesan is lovely!!

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