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Want To WIN £125 of Free Range Meat From Farmer’s Choice?


I use farmer’s choice meat to make most of my recipes!


Farmer's Choice Free Range meat pack

Farmer's Choice Free Range Meat Pack.

I have made so many nice recipes using Farmer’s Choice meat. I love their products and service.

Farmer’s Choice has decided to sponsor another free range meat draw. You could be the WINNER of £125 of free range meat delivered right to your door!

The Farmer’s Choice Large Family Essentials Pack includes;

Topside 1400g x 1
Diced Beef 750g x 1
Steak Mince 750g x 1
Chicken Large x 1
Diced Turkey Breast 750g x 1
Diced Lamb 750g x 1
Minced Lamb 750g x 1
Leg Lamb Half B&R 1400g x 1
Diced Pork 750g x 1
Leg Pork B&R 2000g x 1


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439 Responses to “Want To WIN £125 of Free Range Meat From Farmer’s Choice?”

  1. Tracy Nixon says:

    Thanks for another great giveaway!!! I have a great love for Chicken Korma though me and the kids re loving pork at the moment and have been eating lots of pork dishes! Think we may have to try some pork curry dishes! We’ll be looking to you for inspiration!

  2. I love a mild chicken curry, chicken is the best :)

  3. John Forbes says:

    I just love meat, couldn’t live without it
    Not sure what I’d make first, maybe some Kofta kebabs.

  4. Hazel says:

    Yay! Another wonderful giveaway, thank you :) As to my favourite meat for a curry, has to be chicken without a doubt. Not too hot or spicy but definitely chicken. Yum.

  5. Becky John says:

    Must be honest am not a lover of lamb curries as I find the meat always seems to be quite tough. I love very very hot curries ( to the point they make your eyes water & your nose run!) I love lamb but would love to find a recipe where the meat just melts in your mouth, so at the moment chicken is my favourite meat in a curry.

  6. Jean Bolsover says:

    My family prefer a mild curry, something like a chicken korma.

  7. Paul Kay says:

    Chicken Dhansak is my fave, I like a biriani as well with hot sauce. I like Lamb Curry too.

  8. Gillian Holmes says:

    My favorite is always Lamb.

  9. Pauline Rendell says:

    I always love lamb in a curry! and I do love a good Rogan Josh.

  10. Simon C says:

    Prefer Chicken :)


  11. Emily Hutchinson says:

    I love any creamy curries. With lamb or chicken.

  12. tamalyn roberts says:

    chicken tikka masala is my fave

  13. Anschel G says:

    Beef or Lamb, gives a richer flavour.

  14. SUSAN L HALL says:

    I like lamb in a curry it seems to sweeten it and absorb the flavours better than chicken or beef

  15. Maria Turner says:

    Lamb makes a really lovely curry :)

  16. Stephanie Mamo says:

    I love lamb in a curry but my favourite has to be a chicken passanda!

  17. Maya Russell says:

    My favourite curry is a chicken curry. I like it not too hot and not too rich.

  18. Mark Whittaker says:

    I love lamb in a slow cooked curry, it is so moist and delicate

  19. sand henderson says:

    Lamb all the way for me!Something really spicy too i made lamb bhuna on Friday night but it just wasnt hot enough for me!

  20. Michelle G says:

    I love pork in a curry, especially using shoulder steaks in a slow cooked madras or vindaloo. The meat falls apart and just ‘goes’ with a spicy curry sauce.

  21. Rainie Bish says:

    I like variety so don’t have a favourite meat or curry. To be honest the only curry I can think of that I don’t like is korma

  22. emma cella says:

    I love a mild chicken curry, chicken is the best

  23. Emily Fowler says:

    My favourite meat to make a curry with is lamb, especially with spinach!

  24. Su Tyler says:

    The diced lamb would be my favourite. I’d use it to make a Rogan.

  25. Chas Gilbert says:

    I like a chicken curry with pineapple – dhansak or simiiar.

  26. Heather Haigh says:

    I love lamb in or out of a curry. Lamb Rogan Josh is a favourite.

  27. Neil Graham says:

    Chicken is great for a curry. Just doing a Chicken Masala tonight

  28. Jane Barrett says:

    I like beef in a curry, I think it gives a good depth of flavour.

  29. Christine Constable says:

    I love lamb in a curry. Last week I made a curry with my own curry paste (onions, cumin, coriander, turmeric, red chilli, clove and garlic whooshed up together in a food processor). Fried the paste and then added tomatoes and stock. Slow cooked that for a couple of hours, then added fried diced lamb for last half hour or so. Yummy.

  30. samantha swain says:

    definitely lamb rogan josh

  31. esther james says:

    I love lamb curries- lamb passanda-mmmm

  32. Beverley says:

    I like beef curry – it seems to be able to take more cooking out and therefore you get a hotter curry.

  33. jill beans says:

    lamb curry , when its so tender and marinated to perfection

  34. helen battle says:

    I love lamb curries

  35. lorraine dunne says:

    chicken curry is yummy

  36. Ashleigh says:

    i love chicken in a curry – i love lots of different curries

  37. Anna says:

    Lamb korma is the yumz!!

  38. Kevin Honey says:

    Chicken curry

  39. lana leman says:


  40. Rachel Hartwell says:

    Lamb Jalfrezi ….yes

  41. nigel temple says:

    chicken jalfrezi, 1 of your 5 a day

  42. Barrie Phillips says:

    Hotter the better,my favourite is chicken vindaloo

  43. Susan Crosswaite says:

    My favourite meat to use in a curry is chicken

  44. C Hui says:

    Fav would be lamb in a curry

  45. Andy D says:

    Chicken Curry is best

  46. Christine Quinn says:

    Meat is so expensive this would be a great prize.

  47. DC Nelson says:

    Lamb has to be the best meat for any curry, slow cooked so that is just falls apart. I prefer the more tomato based curries, Rogan Josh being a favourite.

  48. LIZ ALEXANDER says:

    has to be chicken in a curry for me

  49. Patrick says:

    Chicken Jalfrezi

  50. Denise says:

    I just love a fruity chicken curry :)

  51. Rebecca says:

    Fab prize! My favourite curries are koftas!

  52. sarah birkett says:

    in a restaurant my favorite curry is chicken malayan. not very spicy but really really tasty . I love a curry with fruit in it.

  53. Claire B says:

    My slow cooker will love all of this meat!! LOL :o)


  54. Donna Gilligan says:

    If i’m cooking then lamb, but my friend does an amazing mauritian goat curry, which I have tried and failed to replicate.

  55. Tink Rhonda Lee Mse says:

    I love Chicken Phall.

  56. sarah rawlings says:

    I usually go for chicken tikka massla but am very open to trying new things. I love lamb.

  57. Clare Woodman says:

    Chicken all the way :) chicken Jalfrezi
    is tops :)

  58. Hayley says:

    Has to be chicken in a curry..Its the best YUM YUM :)

  59. Zoe G says:

    I know its not meat but I love King Prawn but do like chicken as well, some of my fave curries are Tikka Masala, Bhuna and I really like chicken chat as a starter.

  60. Glenn Hutton says:

    Diced lamb Rogan Josh ;0)

  61. Sarah Redfern says:

    My fave is the lamb, a lamb bhuna x

  62. Amanda Hurst says:

    We could eat curry every night and with such a nice variety of different meats…we would. : )

  63. Libby Ray says:

    I love lamb biryani…yum! :)

  64. laura banks says:

    my favourite is chicken

  65. Caroline says:

    But how many heartaches
    Must I stand before I find a CURRY
    That I can TASTE again?
    Right now the only thing
    That keeps me hangin on
    When I feel my strength, yeah
    Its almost gone
    I remember mama said:you can’t CURRY love,
    you just have to wait,
    CURRY don’t come easy,
    it’s a game of SPICE and TASTE.

    How long must I wait?
    How much more can I TASTE?
    Before This CURRY will cause all my TASTEBUDS TO SHRIEK?

  66. Sue Hutchins says:

    Chicken so versatile it can be mild or really spicy its just takes flavours so well

  67. Rachel Murray says:

    Has to be Lamb! But remove all the fat first!
    Lamb is so lovely and tender when slow cooked in a curry!

  68. Laura says:

    Great quality meat to make some great family meals!

  69. kirsty meredith pt vip says:

    Chicken or Beef

  70. Tamzen wilson says:

    I love Lamb Jalfrezi :)

  71. Diane Moston says:

    I Love chicken in a curry,and cooked with mango or other fruit.

  72. barbara daniels says:


  73. Pete Hewitt says:

    I love biryani with a spicy sauce and poached egg

  74. Adee says:

    I adore Goan fish curry. Gorgeous!

  75. Catherine Owen says:

    Im boring, i like a nice chicken curry (normally a korma or tikka masala)

  76. Karen Milburn says:

    My favourite meat in a curry is chicken.

  77. Mark Finch says:

    It has to be spicy, but not too spicy. I love making my own curry sauces

  78. Anna Ling says:

    Definitely chicken curry. The hotter the better! Normally cook jalfrezi or vindaloo.

  79. Kirsty Common says:

    Chicken. favourite curry is korma

  80. Paul Martin says:

    has to be a good old chicken curry

  81. Sarah Jauch says:

    I love chicken in my curry dishes and my favourite curry is jalfrezi or a nice Korma :)

  82. Kelly Dawe says:

    You cant beat chicken, but red snapper curry is very nice for a special curry.

  83. Janine says:

    Lamb Dhansak…yum!

  84. Rachael G says:

    Chicken is my favourite in a Tikka Masala.

  85. Sally Smith says:

    chicken is my favourite – especially chicken tikka dopiaza

  86. Louise says:

    Chicken is my favourite as it goes in lots of curries, my favourites being a pasanda curry

  87. Ann Gwillim says:

    Beef curry is my favourite

  88. Rebecca says:

    It has to be chicken – I love any kind of curry but the meat should always be chicken!

  89. Sophie Moreman says:

    Chicken all the way. And a korma. I’m a bit of a spice-a-phobic!

  90. claire nutman says:

    Chicken homemade curry with plenty of chilli

  91. Anthony Bravender says:

    Chicken Balti, with lots of spices

  92. Jenna says:

    I’d have a turkey curry with lemon, coriander and tomato – we did this with leftovers after Christmas and it was lovely!

  93. Mia Thurlow says:

    Chicken Bhuna would be great

  94. Linda Tweed says:

    Cubes of lamb, delicious. Lamb tikka massala is one of my all-time favourite dishes.

  95. Kate Andrews says:

    Chicken or Lamb in a curry, but my favourite is Lamb Passanda with the contrast of the sweet creamy almond sauce and the dark rich meat – lovely!

  96. Lisbe says:

    can you believe I used to be a vegetarian and now entered this comp?!

  97. Angela says:

    Goat abd aubergine curry, had it once in Sri Lanka and kick myself for not learning how to make it it was fabulous

  98. iain maciver says:

    chicken , i love chicken tikka

  99. Tracy Hanson says:

    Complete wimp. I don’t like hot curries, the milder the better for me. But the boyfriend loves them and has an asbestos mouth when it comes to eating hot food. The one thing we both don’t really like is lamb in curry, but use lamb for other dishes. Good luck to everyone. :) :D

  100. Melanie Gardiner says:

    I love lamb or chicken. We’ve been growing our own Naga and scotch bonnet chilli’s and the hotter the better for us.

  101. yvette ross says:

    great comp i like lamb curry

  102. Cat H Adams says:

    I nearly always end up doing chicken but actually love a Beef or Lamb curry – tweeted as @kilmowskicat

  103. Simon Smith says:

    Slow cooked shoulder of Lamb…nice!!

  104. Fantastic comp! I love a lamb curry and Vindaloo is my favourite the hotter the better! I also like chicken but then I like it to be Korma.

  105. nicky batchelor says:

    I love a beef madras as it’s got a kick but not too intense on the tongue as a phal or a vindaloo

  106. Natasha Corder says:

    Chicken is my favourite and you can’t beat a nice thai green curry!

  107. Katy Malkin says:


  108. kayleigh bates says:

    chicken x

  109. John Taggart says:

    I love a sicy chicken curry

  110. Paul Wilson says:

    I’d have to go with chick and a balti.

  111. Elaine P says:


  112. Sophie F says:

    I love both chicken and lamb curry, delicious!

  113. Tim Bain says:

    Lamb in a really hot curry, it keeps it’s flavour best of ll meats I think.

  114. claire grigg says:

    we are big fans of beef in my house!!

  115. Phil Darling says:

    I likelamb in my curries – more texture than chicken and keeps its flavour

  116. Allisonroel says:

    Lamb and cauliflower.

  117. Heather Knotts says:

    I like a hot & spicy lamb madras which has been made in the slow cooker.

  118. Sean Brady says:

    Venison. Venison faal is to die for.

  119. Claire Smith says:

    I like lamd in fact rather partial to a Lamb Rogan Josh

  120. Stacey Craig says:

    My favorite meat in curry is chicken and my favorite curry is korma

  121. Siobhán says:

    Chicken is my favourite for curry, but my Hubby loves lamb too!

  122. Joanne thomas says:

    chicke bhuna is a favourite in our house, i also love tandoori prawns

  123. Suzanne sendell says:

    Anything cooked with Lamb
    Lamb rogon josh hits the right spot everytime

  124. Hilda Hazel Wright says:

    Chicken is my favourite in a curry, but always chicken tikka.

  125. maxime goodwin says:

    It a joint first between Lamb & Chicken!!

  126. Hannah says:

    I really love pork in a curry. The fat from the pork melts and makes the meat tender, perfect for a curry

  127. Luisa Lauren says:

    My favourite meat is still chicken , although my husband loves lamb, but I always think it’s really fatty, and a bit tough, but I would be willing to give it a go if I could find a great recipe. I love the spicy, sweet and and hot dishes like Patias the best..

  128. LUCY IRVING says:

    chicken in a korma

  129. Alan S says:

    Lamb Curries are my favourites. I usually order them as hot as possible so Phalls or Vindaloos.

  130. Tracy Hanley says:

    Turkey is nice in a curry

  131. Juls says:

    I do love a lamb curry.

  132. Sophie says:

    Lamb and spinach curry – absolutely divine!

  133. Mickie Bull says:

    I do like duck in curries!

  134. Astrid James says:

    Lamb tikka, no sauce:)

  135. Jerry says:

    Chicken jalfrezi

  136. Kelly Koya says:

    I like chicken best. I’m got one marinating as I type – a Durban style whole curried chicken. I will serve it with spiced yoghurt and potato basmati for dinner.

  137. David Rodhouse says:

    I would love to win this. Great Prize!!!

  138. Lisa Collins says:

    I love chicken, for chicken Bhuna, spicy but not too spicy

  139. hayley acton says:

    chicken dopiaza extra onions

  140. Clare Martin says:

    I love chicken in my curry and my absolute favourite is a chicken Passanda- yummy!

  141. Anne-Marie Williamson says:

    Definitely prefer Chicken in a curry – my all time favourite is chicken tikka balti – absolutely delicious!

  142. liz p says:

    Has to be a chicken korma for me

  143. Julie Picton says:

    I love anything with lamb in it.

  144. Lisa Rowsell says:

    I love chicken in a mild curry.

  145. Emma Burton says:

    I love chicken tikka saag balti!! yum yum! :o)

  146. Nia Wyn Roberts says:

    Chicken Tikka Massala all the way!

  147. Margaret says:

    Love a chicken korma

  148. Lindsey Jones says:

    I love a lamb bhuna

  149. Peak Lee says:

    Diced beef.

  150. Emma says:

    Lamb curry. Yummy!

  151. My favourite meat is lamb, but unfortunately, due to the costs, we don’t eat it very often. Following on from the lamb, my favourite is Lamb Rogan Josh – yum!

  152. cecelia Allen says:

    I love a hot but sweet fruity beef curry, I add sultanas and chopped apple, my family love it.

  153. Laura Pritchard says:

    Minced lamb! I don’t have a favourite, they all have a plus!

  154. Pauline Simpson says:

    Love the lamb with mint sauce and roast potatoes great for autumn days

  155. Amy Ripley says:

    Chicken Korma is amaaaazing! I am so desperate to get up and make one now!!!

  156. Suzanne Cooke says:

    I only use chicken in a curry and I prefer the really tomato based ones but like a spicy kick to it too.

  157. Tracy Baker says:

    hi .. my fave meat has to be lamb with a tomato based curry sauce like jalfrezi…

  158. Rebecca Flynn says:

    has to be a lamb rogan josh -mmmmm x

  159. katrina walsh says:

    I like the strong beef taste in a curry x

  160. Alison john says:

    Chicken tikka Masala or a korma

  161. Ste Appleton says:

    Lamb Jalfrezi is my favourite – with just an extra chilli or two to spice it up a little

  162. sarah tremlett says:

    I LOVE lamb in a curry … lamb biriyani or dopiaza, heaven!

  163. Nicola Driffill says:

    I live turkey in a curry – not a traditional choice but is great in OH Dhansk.

  164. jennifer thorpe says:

    I always prefer chicken in a curry

  165. DB Hall says:

    I love beef in a curry – braised beef boiled and then simmered in coconut milk in a Penang Curry, or a really hot Sri Lankan beef curry.

  166. Rachel Blackburn says:

    I like lamb curries. yum lamb jalrezi :)

  167. Carolyn Philip says:

    I like diced beef. My favourite curries are based around the korai as it has a lot of flavour, without being too hot.

  168. Jazz says:

    Chicken korma — mmm, lovely!

  169. Dawn Henson says:

    I always love Chicken in a curry. My favourite is Chicken Biriyani. Really tasty!

  170. judy jennedy says:

    A slow roast so the meat just fall off the bone, yum

  171. lynne shields says:

    It has to be lamb……though the kids like chicken curry

  172. Vicky Allum says:

    I love lamb in my curry. A lamb rogan josh is fabulous!

  173. Tom Hawes says:

    Lambs my favorite in a curry – I like a nice hot curry, and I think with chicken the meat gets totally lots in it, but lamb can hold it’s own more!!

  174. Ross Woodier says:

    Lamb Bhuna – the hotter & spicier the better with a garlic naan bread, but no rice, I hate rice!

  175. Hazel Rea says:

    I always think turkey works even better than chicken in curry. I only like mild dishes – flavour rather than hotness.

  176. Joanne Mapp says:

    I have a lovely recipe for Nepalese meatball curry which uses minced lamb. It’s delicious

  177. Jenny says:

    Lamb rogan josh for me!

  178. shane weir says:

    I’m a vindaloo man!

  179. Diana Cotter says:

    I love chicken with a creamy sauce, usually with some sort of nuts.

  180. Helen Thurston says:

    My favourite meat in a curry is chicken (usually a bhuna/dhansak/dopiaza) although sometimes I just have to have a lamb rogan josh. Having said that I am always happy to try different curries.

  181. George Spedding says:

    Chicken corms mild and creamy

  182. pamela savage says:

    lamb jalfrezi my favourite.i could eat it for breakfast

  183. Joanna Orr says:

    Lamb is my favourite – I love the way it stays so moist and just falls apart in your mouth!

  184. Mrs Pauline Wood says:

    Lamb mmmm

  185. s couchman says:

    got to be a chicken korma, its a good safe all rounder for the whole family or visitors etc.

  186. Kayleigh says:

    Chicken tikka masalla or chicken korma

  187. Darius D. says:

    chicken kiev

  188. Ursula Bingham says:

    My family all prefer a chicken tikka massla

  189. kerry Locke says:

    I love curried lamb – ‘Goa Style’

  190. karim says:

    love lamb

  191. Karen Barrett says:

    Chicken for me, we make a wide variety of curries using chicken, including some that don’t have a name and only my OH knows how to make them.

  192. Cheryll H says:

    I love lamb but I thikturkey would be great in a curry :)

  193. Emma Howard says:

    I find chicken really versatile in curries, and my favourites are kormas and pasandas

  194. Kathy Knight says:

    Great Prize

    My guy love a lamb curry. Hot and spicy

  195. Kerry Brown says:

    Lamb :D

  196. Karen Lloyd says:

    I love Lamb in home made curries because I brown everything off in a pan and then I slow cook it in the oven so the meat is lovely and tender. Jalfrezi os Karahi for me.

  197. fiona waterworth says:

    chicken in our house, especially in a tikka masala

  198. Val swift says:

    I prefer a chicken curry, preferably Korea or pasanda

  199. Debbie kendall says:

    I love a good Thai curry made with free range chicken or even turkey

  200. Annie Taylor says:

    Chicken is my choice. Any curry dish is received well in this house, but I do love Coconut (my Twitter name is yumcoconut). So I’ll go with a Thai Coconut Chicken curry with Peshwari Naan. Yum.

  201. Angie Hoggett says:

    Pork for me

  202. Alyson Chapman says:

    Chicken is my favourite meat for curries. I like Daal/lentil curries or something spicy with Aubergines.

    If I could choose my favourite ingredients for a curry they would be ….. Chicken, Aubergine, Onion, Potato, Chilli, Mushroom, Lentils. Not sure if they’d all go together but they’re my choice.

  203. rupert summerton says:

    fantastic give away chicken for me

  204. lesley hamilton says:

    I love prawns in a curry definitely a bhuna

  205. Rachael Barratt says:

    My favourite meat in a curry is chicken- I think it absorbs the flavour of whatever sauce you’re using nicely. My current favourite curry is a bhuna- I’m not a massive fan of heat and a bhuna has just the right mix for me.

  206. Joanna Sawka says:

    i like chicken in curry

  207. Julie buttonf1fan says:

    Hello there, fabulous competition.

    We love curry in this house, i must admit my favorite is chicken tikka, made from scratch by my hubby. I am a rubbish cook myself.

  208. Lee campbell says:

    Lamb Rogan Josh always

  209. Mhairi says:

    The secret to a good curry is good produce! My favourite curry is tandoori chicken. Great giveaway thanks

  210. winnie says:

    Beef is great for a curry

  211. Gordon says:

    I like chicken most, closely followed by lamb. Chicken tikka massala and lamb rogan josh…Yummy!!

  212. Martina says:

    I love a green chicken curry.

  213. Marc Jackson says:

    Sri Lankan Goat Curry – as made by my mother in law.

  214. matthew collins says:

    Chicken is best in a curry. I prefer mild curry

  215. Fran Light says:

    Definitely chicken for me … and I love a good balti :-)

  216. elaine robinson says:

    I love chicken curry.

  217. elisa wright says:

    Lamb passanda has got to be a fav

  218. melanie stirling says:

    Chicken is my favourite especially tandoori chicken biryani :)

  219. Sarah says:

    Lamb and a Rogan Josh is always good

  220. Laura Cooper says:

    Ooh a nice lamb curry would be yummy.

  221. Ashleigh Ryan says:

    My favourite curry is a creamy lamb Masalla

  222. sally hall says:

    I do love a turkey curry – low in fat and delicious when slowly cooked in the oven!

  223. Gavin says:

    Chicken Dansak for me please!

  224. I love a lamb mild curry mmmm

  225. Susan Naylor says:

    I just love chicken curry

  226. mummiafelice says:

    I’m actually looking for a mild curry(like korma) to have with either chicken or lamb. I can’t eat anything too spicy at the moment but I still want the flavour. I’ll look forward to your new ideas!

  227. Maggie says:

    I would like the diced lamb and Lamb Dhansk is always a favourite of mine.

  228. Pam says:

    Chicken tikka is a favourite in our house.

  229. Neil turner says:

    I love chicken in my curry. And my favourite is a chicken madras.

  230. Sue Jackson says:

    Mmm.. I love strong tomato-based curries though my hubby and kids like creamy coconut curries. :)

  231. Tina Holmes says:

    Chicken Tikka is my favourtive :-)

  232. Linda says:

    I really hope I win this. I buy from ‘Farmer’s Choice’ and the meat really is superb. Never been disappointed. Plus I need to restock soon. Fingers crossed. :-)

  233. sue walsh says:

    love Curries in many forms from Tikka-Madras

    such a versatile dish,easy to experiment with.
    like most meats curried,including Goat.
    I pop my curries in the slow cooker these days & their ready when I come home:)

  234. Marina Frow says:

    i love seafood in a curry, but i also love chicken – tender and soft x chicken bhuna is a classic

  235. Tracey A Belcher says:

    I love Lamb Curry x

  236. Elizabeth Smith says:

    love curried lamb,but quite a mild recipe

  237. Emma Jackson says:

    I love lamb most in a curry, something dryish and fruity is best :)

  238. kayleigh Dawn says:

    Fruity coconut Chicken Curry!

  239. Karen R says:

    I love lamb, but it has to be well cooked and not too fatty

  240. Emma Sandbach says:

    Would love this to make some curries and kebabs :)

  241. Susan Ellams says:

    lamb is my favourite meat

  242. Geraldine O'Gorman says:

    Lamb Curry utterly divine!

  243. Sarah says:

    I love lamb, usually in a Rogan Josh

  244. Romana Richards says:

    Diced Pork would be my first choice. I made a Pork Vindaloo last night and loved it. It was sour and spicy but not chilli hot which I thought it would be as I have tasted takeaways like that. It was to an Anjum recipe.

  245. Geoff Hibbert says:

    Lamb in a nice Rogan Josh

  246. Christopher Harris says:

    Be a good excuse for our friends and family to MEAT up for a meal!

  247. Deirdre says:

    Lamb is my first choice, but I had a duck vindaloo once that was amazing.What I love about curries in general is that they can elevate almost any kind of meat to being utterly delicious!

  248. Karen M says:

    Beef is my favourite meat but seeing as I’m counting the calories would have to be turkey using a low fat korma sauce

  249. Susan Seaman says:

    another fab fab prize from a fab guy, thank you and good luck to all. but i love meat and have never been able to afford this much so first thing id make is a hot beef roast.

  250. Diane Carey says:

    I’m afraid I’m not very good with curries. A mild chicken curry is best for me. Love Chicken Korma

  251. Lesley Walsh says:

    What a fantastic giveaway. So many different recipes could be made with this lot! I suppose if I had to choose I would go with lamb.

  252. Kristian says:

    Love a nicely spiced lamb curry!

  253. fran hopkins says:

    Sorry I’m boring has to be chicken curry

  254. Caroline says:

    Lamb dansahk or chicken dansahk, korma, balti or biryani. There are so many choices to suit almost every palette, whether you like mild, fruity or spicy a “curry” fills the bill. I don’t think I have met anyone who actually doesn’t like curry….

  255. Mark Barlow says:

    I love Chicken Passanda. Licking my lips as I type

  256. Ruth Hedges says:

    Mine would have to be green thai curry chicken or chicken korma..

  257. Herb says:

    The diced lamb would be my choice in a medium to hot Rogan Josh.

  258. Karim Rahmy says:

    ~~ If we weren’t suppost to eat animals then why are they made of meat ??! ~~

  259. Lu says:

    chicken curry is my favourite – love it with a taste os coconut

  260. Mary Chez says:

    Chicken is my favourite in a curry

  261. Hannah says:

    i love a chicken korma!

  262. Kate Rampersad says:

    I love lamb, especially in Rogan Josh

  263. Helen Aiken says:

    I most often choose chicken for a curry, but sometimes like lamb.
    My favourite curry is Chicken Tikka Achari.


    I love lamb. I love oniony, peppery curries.

  265. Susannah Glover says:

    My favorite meat in a curry is goat but since that’s not on the list I would happily substitute it with the diced lamb.

  266. Nicky h says:

    Curried goat is one of my faves. Or a lovely chicken/lamb tikka masala. Yummy

  267. jamesmum says:

    I love anything lamb. A big lovely lamb curry. x

  268. Neil JONES says:

    I love Chicken Dopiaza or Lamb Passanda!

  269. Jennifer Dyson says:

    It has to be chicken in a curry!

  270. Susan Bowe says:

    I love lamb curry, it seems to hold more flavour

  271. Carolynn Woodland says:

    Chicken – Dhansak

  272. Yvonne Crook says:

    I love the taste of lamb in a curry, my favourite is Lamb Balti

  273. Terri Stammers says:

    i tried goat curry on saturday and didnt like the texture or taste of the meat so i will stick with my fav curry beef and mushroom cant go wrong with that i bloody love it ;)

  274. Denise Whiskin says:

    My favourite meat in a curry has to be chicken, it is so versatile & tasty. My favourite curry at the moment is chicken green curry, not hot, just tasty & full of flavour.

  275. Slow cooked lamb pasanda is my favourite curry, but wish knew hot to guarantee not fatty.

  276. Sue Harrison says:

    Chicken makes a great curry, mild korma or spicy balti are equally as good :)

  277. Francesca says:

    My favourite is lamb- for a delicious rhogan josh

  278. Mark Palmer says:

    I love a chicken biryani.

  279. Mrs MRF Saunders says:

    I love Lamb in a curry. My favourite curry is from our local Nepalese restaurant and is simply called ‘Staff Curry’. The balance of flavours is great, a touch of sourness, sweetness, spicy but flavoursome. Really great.

  280. Deborah Wheeler says:

    Any curry with chicken in is my favourite especially a biryani

  281. nichola jones says:

    Beef is my fav

  282. EMMA WALTERS says:

    i usually stick to chicken in curry but would be interested to try a turkey recipe

  283. Rhoda K says:

    I generally go for chicken in a curry. Always like a good korma.

  284. Ben Audsley says:

    butter chicken is my favouite curry

  285. Christopher Mckendrick says:

    I love a good chicken or lamb curry. Favourite is probably a Chicken Saag Balti

  286. Chris says:

    Can’t beat a good lamb and spinach curry for me

  287. sairz eastham says:

    I love chicken in curries, so versitile

  288. JULIE B says:

    Chicken has to be the best meat in a curry.

  289. Sue Robinson says:

    Lamb is awesome in a curry – Korma is my favourite but tend to go for a Josh to keep the calorie content down

  290. Tarran Wilson says:

    There are many curries that I like, but I would have to say a passanda is my favourite. A perfect blend of sweet and sour spices with a rich sauce, makes a perfect curry.


    in a curry……………..diced lamb..gorgeous

  292. lindsay chadburn says:

    In a curry it has to be chicken, i love a chicken masala mmmm.

  293. donna large says:

    chicken tikka is my favourite

  294. i tend to always have chicken tikka masala or rogan josh but i did try a rhubarb nd chicken curry once that was very nice!

  295. Amanda Richardson says:

    Chicken Tikka is favourite.

  296. pete says:

    looks a delicious selection!

  297. Sheri Darby says:

    Chicken madras is my favourite – but we developed a delicious comfort chicken curry at home too

  298. Eleanor Powell says:

    Chicken Shoresha is my favorite

  299. lorraine polley says:

    i love chicken shashlick, really anything with chicken!!

  300. Beki Lacy says:

    My favourite is chicken madras xx

  301. Tricia Cowell says:

    I love butter chicken, rich, not too spicy for me and delicious !

  302. Phyllis Ellett says:

    No real favourite curry, but do like pork as a base for a curry.

  303. Greig spencer says:

    chicken korma for me lol

  304. Janet Higgins says:

    Love any chicken curry

  305. Lindsey G says:

    Lamb passanda :)

  306. Rebecca Cleary says:

    I am not a fan of curries as I don’t like veg but I do like a basic chicken and curry?! x

  307. carol egan says:

    Curry has to be my favourite thing to eat so long as it’s not too spicy (I can’t take the heat of a Madras or a Vindaloo) and any meat is lovely in a curry as long as its been marinated and cooked slowly and lovingly

  308. lily bowers says:

    I would use diced lamb for Rogan Josh.

  309. Jay Kell says:

    A delicious turkey curry would go down great.

  310. Michaela Williams says:

    My favourite meat for curry is chicken breast I must admit. I my very favourite curry is Red Thai Curry!!

  311. Keith says:

    Chicken and loads of naan bread

  312. Rach says:

    Lamb – my favourite curry is a lamb rogan josh.

  313. helena haddock says:

    I love chicken in a curry

  314. Christina Michael says:

    I am a great chicken person

  315. Emma Wolski says:

    I love Lamb in a curry! Have to have peshwari naan bread with it too! I also like Red Thai Curry but as a soup like they do in Thailand!

  316. Trudi Walsh says:

    Definately chicken…..Chicken Korma, Chicken Tikka Massala & Chicken Bhuna are my faves

  317. Rudy Roversi says:

    Diced lamb and I love it in a biryani

  318. Jenny Davies says:

    We love Chicken in a curry. Our family favourite is Chicken Tikka. But if I was to choose one just for me it would be Chicken Bhuna!

  319. Sheila Maughan says:

    Chicken du pisa is my favourite- great prize thankyou

  320. Janet Dring says:

    lamb tikka masala

  321. Jayne K says:

    I love a homemade lamb korma using ground almonds and natural yoghurt. It’s so much nicer than any takeaway or cook in sauce offering.

  322. Tracey Starey says:

    I love chicken, and anything with coconut. My favourite is a korma or pasanda

  323. sonia says:

    Turkey is a good alternative to chicken, i think its more tasty in a curry. my fave is a tikka massala. In the slow cooker is best>!

  324. Lucy Taylor says:

    Lamb Rogan Josh but my husband loves goat.

  325. carol phile says:

    Butter chicken! Also Chicken Shehzani or Jalfrezi, and the chicken must be boneless.

  326. Anthea Holloway says:

    I love chicken in a curry but beef is lovely too!

  327. Kate Edwards says:

    My favourite is chicken in a curry, my favourite curry is a recent one i tried using fenugreek and coconut milk its amazing! My 4 children loved it too. Thanks for a great giveaway :-)

  328. tony houghton says:

    a mild chicken curry

  329. Charlotte Marchant-Jones says:

    My favourite is chicken in a curry, its just so tasty! My boyfriend and I love a chicken korma, not the most adventurous but so yummy!

  330. melanie crumpton says:

    love dansak

  331. Paula Phillips says:

    Chicken is my favourite.

  332. RosieRowe (@RosieRowe) says:

    I love turkey and chicken in a curry! They never taste tough or chewy – just ooze flavour!

  333. Stu W says:

    Really like beef in a curry

  334. rona says:

    not a curry fan but love chicken ,pork, and beef.

  335. Lesley Cohen Wright says:

    got to be chicken in a lovely Korma

  336. Michelle Rayner says:

    Chicken – I like a Dopiaza but my family prefer a creamy mild Korma

  337. Claire Butler says:

    Chicken Biryani

  338. Emma Carter says:

    I love lamb curry, making me salivate just thinking about it!

  339. steve says:

    Lamb makes a really lovely curry

  340. Hazel Rush says:

    I love homemade chicken madras!

  341. Laura Miskell says:

    I love lamb curry, a good rogan josh mmmmmm

  342. Nancy Bradford says:

    Chicken is the best with Lamb a close second :)

  343. Natalie White says:

    Chicken is the best meat, and chicken dupiaza is the best curry!

  344. Jenette ogborn says:

    beef curry :) nom nom nom xxx

  345. Sandra Geddes says:

    Chicken curry for me x

  346. Tracy Spark says:

    some lovely tender lamb in a tasty but not too spicy curry.

  347. paul jackson says:

    lamb madras

  348. MARJOLEINE KOK says:

    definitly chicken curry :)

  349. Jo Kelly says:

    Lamb Bhuna for me. I love the texture of the lamb, almost velvety. Yum!! x

  350. Robyn Logan Clarke says:

    The steak mince would be great to make a bobotie with…its a cape malay curry dish from South Africa, absolutely divine!

  351. Nicola Shipston says:

    My favourite meat In a curry is Lamb, as its always soft tender and coated with spices

  352. Alison says:

    I love chicken curry but my husband likes lamb

  353. Rory Campion says:

    The leg of lamb, we roast it covered in a curry paste, then serve it in pitta bread with salad and raitha

  354. DENISE WILDEN says:

    A nice chicken curry always a winner.

  355. Claire Trevor says:

    Dice pork instead of chicken in a dansak curry:)

  356. Sarah Forster says:

    I’m so boring – it’s chicken korma for me! Simple and beautiful

  357. Cathy Gordon says:

    Chicken curry for me with the works

  358. Anene Cee says:

    Chicken Korma all the way!!! Love the coconutty taste!

  359. vicky haddock says:

    Pork is best

  360. Vicki Smith says:

    I love chicken in a curry. Jalfrezi is definitely my favourite especially with lots of onions!

  361. Jenny Rogers says:

    Chicken is my favourite.

  362. Liz Marriott says:

    You can’t beat lamb – so tender

  363. lynsey graham says:

    i love pork yum

  364. Michelle Williams says:

    I love chicken curry, especially Bhuna

  365. Judder says:

    Lamb masala – can’t beat it!

  366. Hilary Grey says:

    Given that I’m actually a veggie, married to a meat fan, my justification for cooking meat is that the animal must have had a decent life – so anything freerange!

  367. laura samantha avery says:

    chicken passandra

  368. Kate Sabin says:

    Chicken Korma is my fave – don’t like too much spice

  369. Cherish Curl says:

    Slowcooked Lamb is the best in a curry

  370. Christine Howorth says:

    I love a butter chicken curry

  371. Lorraine Foster says:

    My favourite meat for a curry is chicken!

  372. Zoe Howarth says:

    Lamb Goan curry – nice hot and sour taste with vinegar.

  373. KENNETH JACKSON says:

    chicken breast for that perfect curry

  374. Nicola Seary says:

    I love Chicken best for a curry.At the moment I like Chicken Rogan best as it has a lovely Tomatoey flavour.

  375. Debi Gillard says:

    I love Lamb curries. Like them to be full of flavour but not blowing my head off too much.

  376. Vicki Macdonald says:

    Chicken tikka or tandori are my favourites

  377. linda curtis says:

    curried goat i dont hahve it often but it is the best , but my fav to cook is tomato and lamb curry

  378. John Lawrence says:

    Great selection of meat; when I cumin the house, I can halva Korma made up in a Tikka. Raita? JL

  379. Jenn says:

    chicken curry, someonw needs to invent a korma with a kick!

  380. sorry i dont eat curry trhough my husband does my favourite meat is lamb

  381. Emma Smith says:

    I love lamb, and I love Dansak – so my perfect curry is a lamb Dansak ;-)

  382. Melissa Gazi says:

    I love lamb, and my favourite curry is achari (I love the sour flavours) :)

  383. hayley says:

    definitaly chicken, chicken and more chicken!!!

  384. Lisa Hall says:

    I love chicken dopiaza

  385. Hannah Whitling says:

    I lovemost mats, but I think chicken a it does go with any flavour. I prefer a mild curry, not into spicey foods.

  386. Helen Holland says:

    Chicken curry is usually favourite but a pork curry for a change would be good – lots of spices – no recipe, just throw in and hope for the best

  387. Shona Jones says:

    Chicken. Love making curried chicken, rice & peas. So tasty.

  388. Brenda Mitchell says:

    Chicken can’t be beaten. So many extras and flavours you can add. Our favourite recipe has a dollop of Reggae Reggae Sauce mixed in.

  389. darren l says:

    has to be chicken and favourite curry chicken masala!

  390. Jane Morrice says:

    My favourite is lamb patia

  391. Tara Davies says:

    Winner, winner, chicken dinner :)

  392. dragonfly63 says:

    Lamb jalfrezi

  393. sarah chershire says:

    Me and my husband love a good chicken tikka masala but a good beef madras or vindaloo is ace when you have a cold

  394. Anna Coyle says:

    Chicken is my favourite….and I like chicken tikka Korma but I make it a lot hotter :D

  395. Gill B says:

    Lamb Pasanda!

  396. Emily Jayne Phipps says:

    Chicken for me – and anything with loads of corriander in, i’m always a fan of!

  397. Ellen Griffin says:

    The diced lamb – would be amazing in a lamb korma :) my favourite!

  398. Ashley Alden says:

    I love a nice chicken korma.

  399. Kerry W says:

    I love a lamb curry, especially the way my mum makes it in the slow cooker. The meat becomes so tender and a joy to eat!!

  400. Esme McCrubb says:

    a lovely korma would be my fav as its not too hot

  401. Linda Guest says:

    pork curry. Lovely with a mango chutney

  402. Jamie says:

    Lamb is great in a korma :)

  403. Mark Thomas says:

    Lamb curry is great it keeps its flavour over the other meats

  404. Gilla says:

    I like most things in curry, but my favourite is chicken. A nice mild one with coconut milk.

  405. Agata P says:

    chicken korma is my fav

  406. Sue Warr says:

    I love lamb!!

  407. kayleigh louise says:

    Venison yummy

  408. Megan Hughes says:

    I love a dry curry!

  409. Alison says:

    I really like Chicken in a curry

  410. Lindsey says:

    I love chicken, chicken Biriani is my fav!

  411. Dawnylou says:

    I actually like beef in a curry!

  412. Hayley Turner says:

    chicken every time.

  413. Stacey Guilliatt says:

    My favourite has to be chicken in a curry, but I do love a lamb bhuna, and a chicken achari is my absolute fave!

  414. Leigh Larkin says:

    To be honest I am only just learning to cook and haven’t ventured to curry yet. Somehow seems a bit scary although people say it is easy! When chosing though – I’d go for chicken or lamb.

  415. Emma Thackery says:

    Lamb Dopiaza

  416. amanda mcgroggan says:

    chicken curry

  417. Sarah Parker says:

    I love chicken balti

  418. Lindsey Dudgeon says:

    Chicken is my and my families favourite, and we love it when I make a Tikka Masala, with our home grown chillis just to give it a little kick

  419. Allan Hill says:

    lamb tikka, yumm,.

  420. Amanda H says:

    Chicken is my favourite meat in curry, it becomes very tender and delicious, other meats I find to be quite tough like pork or beef. Lamb is nice too :)

  421. Judith Luscombe says:


  422. elizabeth ferguson says:

    I love chicken passanda

  423. Rachel King says:

    Lamb in curry is my favourite, lamb kashmiri in particular – yum!

  424. Paul Witney says:

    My wife makes mushy pea curry with chunks of chicken.

  425. Scott Caldon says:

    Lamb Biryani for me. Best curry I have ever had was massala cod

  426. Carolina J. says:

    I can’t cook curries (well, I’ve never tried!) but I love the leg of lamb!

  427. Sinead M says:

    Chicken is my favourite meat in a curry and Chicken Korma is the one I like best

  428. Denise S says:

    we all love tikka marsalla, all plates cleaned extra fast .

  429. Gary Martindale says:

    Chicken Passanda

  430. Andy McCord says:

    egg curry

  431. Lesley Bain says:

    I love a hot curry slow cooked with diced beef and big chunks of onion and mushroom….oh I’m hungry now!

  432. Danielle Graves says:

    I always do chicken curries, unfortunately as much as I love curry it’s been the one thing I haven’t been able to eat since getting pregnant x

  433. LEAH SULLIVAN says:

    My favourite is Chicken and I like most curries as long as the meat is tender and there is a bit of a kick ;)

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