The Curry Guy Smoked Spices Are Available Online Now!

Besmoke Foods, the UK’s leading supplier of smoked Ingredients, produces The Curry Guy Smoked Spices

The Curry Guy Smoked Spices

My new range of smoked curry spices

Finally! After months of preparation, recipe testing and spice blend smoking, The Curry Guy Smoked Spices are available to be purchased online from The Virtual Farmers Market!

About four months ago I was sent some spices by Besmoke Foods to try in my cooking. I loved the spices and used them up quickly. The smoked spices made my curries and tandoori dishes taste as if they had been slow cooked in a tandoor oven or over a log fire.

There was no way I could lose that fantastic smoky flavour!

I quickly contacted Besmoke and talks soon began to produce a range of smoked spice blends for all to enjoy.

Besmoke experimented with my recipes and I had the fun and quite tasty job of trying what they came up with.

New recipes are being uploaded to my site regularly

to try with my new Curry Guy Smoked Spices!

This meant trying many new recipes and writing them down. In fact, anyone who purchases my Curry Guy spice blends will find many new FREE recipes here on my site to use the smoked spices with.

Of course you could just use them in any recipes asking for curry powder, tandoori masala, garam masala, balti masala, cumin or salt! But I wanted to ensure you had new recipes all the time to try. All of the recipes have been tested by me in my own home kitchen.

The Curry Guy Smoked Spices

You're going to love these spices! I put my name on them.

The The Curry Guy Smoked Spices are available in handy small kitchen sized jars

and also in larger 500g catering sizes (By special request).

I have let many friends and indeed restaurateurs try these spices to ensure we got them just right.

I promise you that you won’t be disappointed! If you love the smoky flavour of the BBQ, you’ll want to give these spice blends a try.

The kitchen sized jars are sold in a special gift pack of six included a smoked cumin, garam masala, curry powder, tandoori masala (Great for BBQs) balti masala and my special blend of spiced salt. The curry powder and each of the masalas can be used interchangeably so if a recipe ask for curry powder and all you have is garam masala left over, just use it. It will taste great!

The smoked garam masala, curry powder, tandoori masala

and balti masala can all be used interchangeably

If you crave the flavour of real tandoori cooking and would like to achieve it at home, just follow my recipes and use these spices!

The Curry Guy Smoked Spices can be purchased online now at Virtual Farmers Market which also supplies many other top quality food products!

Link to Curry Guy Smoked Spices

Curry Guy smoked curry spices are available now online!

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