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Fish Biryani

Heres an easy fish biryani recipe I made up the other day when I was bored. I had a bit of hake, some cod and a small chunk of haddock in the freezer. None of the fish chunks were large enough on their own to make a complete dinner so I had to come up […]


Mutton or Lamb Biryani Recipe

This lamb biryani recipe from Sheba is now a family favourite I’m visiting my hometown of Turlock California at the moment. We try to get over here at least once a year to see family and catch up. My parents have a large wood burning pizza oven in their back garden and I love firing […]


How To Make Traditional Chicken Biryani At Home

I love to experiment with flavours when cooking chicken biryani and encourage you to do this too. By the time you finish reading this recipe, you will know how to make a traditional chicken biryani. You will also know how I prefer to cook it. Biryanis originate from the northern part of Indian. Although this […]


Indian Food – How To Make A Mutton Biryani

This mutton biryani can also be made with quality lamb meat   There is nothing like a traditional mutton biryani. I’ve been making this recipe for years and it’s a true favourite around my house. For best results, try to purchase your mutton on the bone. Cooking the meat with or on the bone will […]