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Chocolate and Chilli Ice Cream

  If you’re a spice fan, you’re going to love this one. I’ve been writing my blog now for about four years and have done very little in the way of ice creams and desserts. It’s hard enough to get home after work and prepare dinner. Although I love to experiment in the kitchen, time […]


Anjum Anand’s Pomegranate Souffle

So what do you think about the picture of Anjum and me below? My wife and eldest daughter both said I looked so nervous to be standing next to Anjum Anand!!! I don’t remember really as I was in a daze. It was quite fun meeting someone whose cookbooks I’ve been reading and cooking from […]


How To Make Indian Cardamom Rice Pudding

This is rice pudding with a difference I’ve made this rice pudding recipe twice this week. First I made it with my eight year old daughter, Jennifer with Basmati rice – the way I was taught to cook it. Then I made it again with pudding rice. You see, both Jennifer and I loved it […]


How To Make Banana Dosas – There’s A Lot More To Indian Food Than Curries!

  I’ve been making banana dosas for years!   My kids are off school this week for half term. That usually means me avoiding work and spending time in the kitchen with them. It’s one of those things we have always looked forward to – that is all of us except my 14 year old […]