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How To Make Masala Chai – A popular Milky Indian Tea

Next time make it a masala chai! My wife Caroline and I have been on a real health kick recently. This is why regular readers of my blog have noticed a lot of salads and vegetable curries lately. In addition to the healthy vegetables and fruit used to create these recipes, the spices are also […]


Healthy Indian Recipes – Try This Cherry Lassi

When I tried my first cherry lassi, I was hooked! For some reason when people hear about my quest to cook and eat nothing but Indian food for a year, they automatically think of spicy curries. One of the most often asked questions by new friends on Twitter is “How do you do it?” Let’s […]


How To Make A Quick, Easy & Healthy Strawberry Lassi

Have you ever tried a strawberry lassi? Great Indian recipes are not all about curry. I receive so many messages from people asking how I could possibly eat nothing but Indian food for a whole year! Well, I’m about eight months into my new diet and I can assure you it has been very easy. […]


Cumin and Fennel Cooler – A Traditional Indian Drink That is Perfect for the Hot Summer Months

This is a traditional Indian drink with a difference! As you read this recipe you will probably think I’ve lost the plot. If I’m honest, the first time I made it I thought there was no way I was going to like it. A cumin and fennel cooler? I may love Indian food but this […]


Traditional Indian Drink Recipe – The Lassi is Loved in India and Enjoyed with Meals

This is a true Indian lassi recipe! If I’m honest, I am not a huge lassi fan but I do make them regularly. In fact either my wife or I make a lassi each and every morning with the addition of fruit and bran for breakfast. It’s a healthy drink that gets us going to […]