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The Best Spicy and Creamy Clam Chowder

Growing up in California, I learned to love clam chowder at a very young age. I used to love going to San Francisco and Monterey and trying all the samples outside the restaurants. It was also a nice way of filling up while a student. I must make San Francisco style clam chowder at least […]



I have been working on this recipe ever since visiting my local dosa restaurant and having it as a starter with dosas and coconut chutney about a year ago. There are many recipes for Sambar but after playing with the recipes – adding this and omitting that, I think I’ve finally come up with the […]


An Indian Soup With Cauliflower, Asparagus and Cumin

This Indian soup is super good for you and so so easy to make. Cold, blistery nights like the one we’re experiencing in North Yorkshire today are perfect soup evenings. I made this cauliflower and asparagus soup tonight for my family and there was only a little puddle left over. It is a great way […]


How To Make A Spicy Pumpkin Soup That Will Appeal To Almost Everyone

  This has to be my favourite pumpkin soup recipe!   This is the perfect soup for a cold Autumn day. It will take the chill out of any frosty evening and I should add it goes down quite well with a nice bottle of Rioja. Each year it’s kind of a tradition around my […]