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Bora with Podina Raita – A Traditional Bengali Snack

Bora with Podina is a delicious and traditional Bengali snack I feel like I’ve just made one of my biggest and best food discovers in years! Bora with podina raita is a traditional Bengali snack. It’s been served in Bengali households to friends and family for generations. I can assure you I’ll now be making […]


How To Make Homemade Papadams

Most good Indian restaurant chefs make their own homemade papadams. There’s really no point going to all the trouble of cooking great British Indian restaurant (BIR) style food at home, just to settle for those pre-made stale papadams that are sold in the shops. Either forget the papadams all together or make them yourself. Homemade […]


Traditional Indian Food- Carrot Salad With Roasted Peanuts and Dried Chillies

Who said carrot salad had to be boring?   One thing I have always loved about traditional Indian food is the amazing flavours. It seems like each and every dish has its own individual character that sets it apart from the rest. This carrot salad is one such recipe. I was surprised at how much […]


Tarka Dhal – The Easy Indian Dish That Tastes Amazingly Good

  I love this tarka dhal recipe. It makes a great starter or side dish. It is easy to make but a bit time consuming. If you want, you can leave the ‘tarka’ out and save both time and calories. The tarka part of this tarka dhal is just slices of onion that have been […]