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Low Fat Recipes – How To Make Tandoori Summer Squash

Tandoori summer squash can also be made with pumpkin   I like to cook with seasonal ingredients. This tandoori summer squash is great when in season. In the colder months I use pumpkin with equally delicious results. You can serve this tandoori Summer squash on it’s own as a light lunch or combine it with […]


Low Fat Recipes – Roasted Sea Bass with Indian Coriander and Coconut Chutney

This is one of my favourite low fat recipes! Today I cooked a masterpiece for my wife and me. It was about 11.30 this morning and we were both feeling a bit peckish. I decided to go for a drive to the fishmonger to see what he had in stock and was delighted to find […]


Low Fat Recipes – Chicken Tikka With a Yogurt Dressing

This chicken tikka is low in fat and delicious! I really like low fat recipes like chicken tikka as they can be made on the BBQ which is one of my summertime pass-times. This is a simple dish that I made for my family one Sunday evening during a short break from the rainy weather. […]


My Low Calorie Chicken Tikka Masala

This chicken tikka masala is delicious even without the cream! I am often asked for low calorie versions or curries that are popular because they are so fattening and tasty. This isn’t always that easy. I love cream just like a lot of people but it really isn’t necessary. When I serve my family food, […]


Low Fat Recipes – Restaurant Style Chicken Korma Minus The Calories

Cooking amazing low fat recipes can be easy and tasty too!   I’m trying to live a healthier lifestyle these days and low fat recipes like this chicken korma are helping me do it. This is actually a toned down version of the restaurant style chicken korma so many of us know and love. Of […]


Low Fat Recipes- A Low Calorie Restaurant Style Curry Sauce to Use as a Base for Many Different Curries

  This low fat curry sauce is proof that restaurant style curries can be healthy! Almost every Indian curry restaurant has it’s own base curry sauce which is made in large quantities and used as a base for many different curries. Simply by adding different ingredients to the house curry sauce, Indian chefs can quickly […]