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Rabbit Curry

This rabbit curry was so good and easy to make! Personally I think rabbit meat is one of the most underused meats there is. Until recently, my wife refused to try a dish with rabbit in it. It wasn’t until a neighbor told her how good it was and that his family ate rabbit weekly […]


Rabbit Curry With A Spicy Kingfisher Beer Sauce

This rabbit curry could also be made with other meats such as chicken and pheasant I know… I’ve heard it all before… Some of you just plain aren’t going to try rabbit. That’s a shame really because it’s really good. Rabbit isn’t a strong meat. In fact it tastes a lot like chicken. Even if […]


How To Make Bunny Tikka Kebabs

These low cost kebabs are scrumptious! If I write a recipe for goat or octopus, there are always a few people who’ll refuse to try it. Post a recipe using rabbit or hare and many people will go running. Rabbit is low cost yet tasty meat that should definitely be used more. It doesn’t have […]


Rabbit Vindaloo Recipe That Will Get Your Guests Begging For More

This Rabbit vindaloo recipe is a real wintertime treat.

You could of course use other meats but in the winter months I love to use rabbit. The meat which tastes a lot like chicken is so tender when marinaded in the following yoghurt marinade and cooked in the oven for about half an hour