As most of you probably know, product reviews and giveaways are a huge part of the food blogging world.

Personally, I feel that being able to try new products and give my opinion on them is a great way to give you all a good idea about what I like and what I think belongs in the bin. In the case of food products, it also makes in possible for me to blog more often.

I aim to keep any reviews as unbiased as possible. Likewise, I will only allow advertisements on my site for products that I personally trust, like and use.


Following is a list highlighting the rules I follow;

  1. I only review products which I feel will be of interest to the readers of GreatCurryRecipes.net.
  2. I always mention the supplier of a product I use or review the first time I use that product. I may not mention the supplier or product on the second, third or one thousandth time I use it because that would get a bit boring for you and me. I assume that most of you are regular readers of my blog so take note the first time.
  3. I will never write a good review about a product or service simply because it was given to me free of charge. All of the reviews and opinions I offer in my posts are mine. I let companies that send free products to sample know that my reviews will always be honest even if my review is negative!
  4. I will not accept payment for a good review. If I like something, I really do like it. If I hate it…
  5. The integrity of my blog is very important to me. I would never compromise my beliefs for the sake of payment or a free widget or chunk of kobe beef. Kobe beef does sound quite nice at the time of writing though.



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