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How To Make Monkfish Curry Just Like They Do At The Fancy Indian Restaurants

This monkfish curry is heaven times ten! I cooked this dish for my wife, Caroline for the first time while on a weekend break from the kids. We drove to a tiny cottage in the Lake District with one of the most beautiful views I think we’d ever seen. The kitchen and dining area had […]


How To Make British Indian Restaurant Style Chicken Saagwala

I think you’re going to love this chicken saagwala! Chicken saagwala is a lightly spiced curry that is as simple as it is appealing. I love it! If you crave a bit more heat, a sprinkle of freshly chopped green chillies will do the job. The additional chilli also tastes great. Just be a bit […]


How to Make Chicken Patia Curry – A Sweet And Sour Curry House Favourite

This chicken patia is my kids’ favourite!   For the past few years I’ve been going to my local curry house quite often trying to work out the flavours so that I can make the curries myself at home. The chef there is a great guy and has given me a lot the restaurant’s favourite […]


How To Make That Popular British Indian Restaurant Style Duck Tikka and Mushroom Madras

  Duck tikka and mushroom madras can be made easily at home As part of an ongoing series of posts showing you how to make British Indian Restaurant (BIR) style curries, I thought it was time to offer you this old favourite – Duck Tikka and Mushroom Madras. The word tikka means ‘pieces’. Usually these […]