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Restaurant Style Chicken Vindaloo – Well Almost

Traditional Goan vindaloo isn’t cooked with potatoes like most restaurant vindaloos are. This is down to a mistranslation that just seemed to stick. The original curry houses in the UK were opened by Bangladeshi and Pakistani immigrants. These restaurateurs translated the last part of ‘vindaloo’ namely the aloo part to mean potato. In reality, the […]


How to Make Aromatic Cardamom Chicken Curry

Cardamom Chicken Curry is a Top Meal!   Of all the chicken curries from southern India I have tried, this cardamom chicken is right up there with the best of them. The sauce is highly aromatic – flavoured with four heaping tablespoons of cardamom seed powder. The coconut milk and thick, smooth yoghurt help create […]


Chicken Biryani with Summer Squash for that Special Occasion

Chicken Biryani – or for that matter all biryani dishes are reserved for the most special of occasions.

I love the aroma of the rice and marinaded chicken when the lid is finally raised and the biryani is presented to our guests. The addition of yellow summer squash in this recipe is a sweet and tasty add-on that makes this chicken biryani even more spectacular.


How To Make An Authentic Indian Chicken Dhansak

I hope you enjoy this traditional chicken dhansak recipe. I have made this Indian curry hundreds of time. The flavour is amazing!