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A Low Fat Fish Curry With Coconut and Chili

You’ll never know this fish curry is the low fat option! Over the past month or so I’ve been going through all of my British Indian restaurant (BIR) style curry recipes and rewriting them without all the lovely ghee and cream. The thing is, those artery clogging ingredients may taste good but they aren’t the […]


Low Fat Recipes – Roasted Sea Bass with Indian Coriander and Coconut Chutney

This is one of my favourite low fat recipes! Today I cooked a masterpiece for my wife and me. It was about 11.30 this morning and we were both feeling a bit peckish. I decided to go for a drive to the fishmonger to see what he had in stock and was delighted to find […]


Goan Coley Fish with Green Chilli Chutney – An Easy and Tasty Indian Fish Recipe

Are you looking for an easy Indian fish recipe that tastes fantastic? Coley is part of the cod family but is not endangered like cod. I went deep see fishing with some friends last August and ended up catching several coley which I cooked up later that evening. Indian food is always best when the […]


Simply the Best Halibut Curry in the World

    Truly a halibut curry like no other This halibut curry is the perfect fish dish for those you really want to impress. The flavours are amazing: unlike anything you could ever expect to get in most curry houses. This recipe was introduced to me by a customer who was originally from Goa in […]