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Springbok Curry – Slow Cooked And Mildly Spiced

This springbok curry just had to be! Just a few weeks ago I didn’t even know what a springbok was. I’d seen them on African jungle television shows but never really picked up what they were called. I guess I didn’t really care. For those of you who are now wondering what these animals look […]


Indian Barbecue Recipes – Slow Cooked Panjabi Partridge Recipe

  This is a fantastic and unique partridge recipe!     This is an interesting partridge recipe as it is traditionally cooked over a hot wood or cow dung fire though it could just as easily be cooked in a conventional oven. I like to barbecue it because it’s different to what most people expect […]


Quick and Easy Roast Pheasant Recipe – Quite Possibly the Best Low Cal Dinner Ever

Looking for a light dinner that tastes spectacular? This is one of those midweek winter meals I love. Of course you can make it any time of the year with chicken or frozen pheasant, but I like to make it during game season when I have a regular delivery of freshly shot pheasants to my […]