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Pan Seared Halibut With Spinach and A Spicy Tomato Sauce

This is one of my favourite halibut recipes. Halibut is the one fish I can’t resist. I love seafood but there’s something special about halibut. It’s a real pity it’s so expensive. Last night I decided to dig deep into my pockets and brought home some halibut to make this quick and easy dish for […]


Marinated Halibut Seared On A Hot Himalayan Salt Block

Marinated Halibut Never tasted so good! If you haven’t tried Himalayan salt block cooking yet, I highly recommend it. You may have seen some of the other meat and fish I have cooked on my salt blocks. The food tastes fantastic as it picks up just a little bit of the salt which is equally […]


Punjabi Halibut Curry – Traditional Indian Fish Curries Are Packed With Flavour

  Indian fish curries are best cooked the traditional way.   I find it sad that there are not many Indian restaurants that offer Indian fish curries on their menus. Last week I went to a restaurant in Newcastle – which by the way I will never go to again – and was surprised to […]


Simply the Best Halibut Curry in the World

    Truly a halibut curry like no other This halibut curry is the perfect fish dish for those you really want to impress. The flavours are amazing: unlike anything you could ever expect to get in most curry houses. This recipe was introduced to me by a customer who was originally from Goa in […]


Indian Spiced Halibut Curry – Be Sure to Double this Recipe so Your Guests Can Have Seconds

Indian spiced halibut curry is simply amazing! The last time I made this Indian spiced halibut curry it was for a group of friends on the beach near my parent’s home in California. We had gone fishing that morning and somehow managed to reel in a large – and quite ugly – halibut. We cleaned […]