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How To Make Chicken Madras – A Curry House Favourite

Looking for and easy and perfectly spiced chicken madras recipe? When I first started writing my blog, the focus was on authentic Indian food. I wanted to perfect my Indian cooking skills and really know my stuff. After about six months, however, people started commenting on my blog asking why their curries never tasted like […]


How to Make Chicken Patia Curry – A Sweet And Sour Curry House Favourite

  This chicken patia recipe will be included in my upcoming e-book.   For the past few years I’ve been going to my local curry house quite often trying to work out the flavours so that I can make the curries myself at home. The chef there is a great guy and has given me […]


What is Indian Curry Powder and How is it Used to Make Excellent Curries?

Have you ever tried one of those mass produced curry powders found at the supermarkets? They show little resemblance to the traditional curry powders that are made freshly every day all over India. These special blends of spice vary from region to region and even from cook to cook. Each cook has their own special […]


An Amazing Lamb Buhna Recipe That You & Your Guests Will Love

Bhuna curry recipes do not get much better than this! You will love serving this traditional lamb bhuna to you family and friends