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How to Make Indian Almond Rice – An Easy Recipe That Goes With All Indian Curries

  Put a little crunch in your cooking with almond rice!   If you like curry and I know you do, then here is a little treat to go with it! Indian Almond rice is a nice alternative to simple white rice and it’s easy to make! Whenever I plan a curry night for friends, […]


Indian Food Recipes – How to Make The Best Rice Pilau Recipe

Nothing makes a good Indian dinner into an outstanding Indian dinner to be remembered like a great rice pilau.   Done correctly, rice pilau can be eaten with your favourite curry or simply on its own. In fact I used to make this rice pilau recipe quite often in my university years when I needed […]


How To Make Perfectly Cooked White Rice

Perfect white rice – every time! This is a recipe that is certain to achieve brilliant results. I’ve made rice using this recipe thousands of times and it turns out perfectly each and every time. Now I would like to show you how I do it. Always use the best quality basmati rice you can […]