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A Modern Day Lamb Raan Recipe

Every good Indian cookbook has a lamb raan recipe. I love lamb especially when it is served crispy on the outside and nice and pink in the centre. The thing is, most lamb raan recipes I’ve seen call for the lamb to be cooking covered and for what I feel is way too long. I […]


How to Make Indian Lamb Raan with Spring Lamb

Lamb raan gets it! Have you ever tasted a traditional Indian lamb raan before? Chances are you won’t be able to order lamb raan at your local curry house. If you can, you can probably count yourself among the lucky who have a top quality Indian restaurant nearby. Lamb raan is one of the grandest […]


Indian Food – Authentic Lamb Raan Your Friends & Family Will Rave About

Indian lamb raan – roast leg of lamb – ¬†does not get much better than this. There is nothing like a traditional Indian Raan. The taste is exquisite which is why I’ve decided to make it this weekend for my Indian food loving friends. There are many different recipes for lamb raan but most are […]