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Peshawari Lamb Chops

  On a scale of one to ten, these Peshawari lamb chops are a perfect 10! I’ve been wanting to try this recipe for quite some time but somehow work and/or diet always got in the way. In the end, my son took over and cooked for the family. Nice one! The first time I […]


An Easy Lamb Curry With The Flavours Of Northern India

This is one of the easiest and tastiest lamb curry recipes I know. Lamb curry is almost always better the day after you make it. The flavours just seem to get to know each other better and become good friends. I made this lamb curry last night but wasn’t hungry so off it went to […]


How To Make Lamb Methi

This lamb methi is certain to get gobbled up! Cooking meat on the bone in curries is not done very often in British Indian restaurant (BIR) style cooking. Mainly because it is more difficult to prepare and eat. If you’re cooking these curries at home, however you will enjoy the extra flavour it adds to […]


How To Make Lamb Saagwala – An Indian Restaurant Favourite

This is a lamb saagwala recipe with a difference! I love lamb saagwala and not just because it tastes great. I love it because my kids can’t get enough of the stuff. They actually love eating spinach: a vegetable that used to send them running to their friends’ houses begging for a dinner invitation. Now […]


How to Make Delicious Lamb Samosas

  Lamb samosas are a favourite curry house treat!   I love samosas. Whatever the filling – whether it be the crab samosas I wrote about a couple of months back or the amazing haggis samosas my wife made in Scotland last week, samosas just get it! They may not be the best Indian food […]


Lamb Phall, Vindaloo and Madras Curry Recipe – 1 Recipe – Three Different Curries

  Lamb Phall is About as Indian as a Taco!     Before getting into this recipe, I would like to make a few things clear. You may not realise this but Lamb Phall – or any phall for that matter – is not indian food. Yes it is on a lot of Indian restaurant […]