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Hot Smoked Salmon Makes A Delicious Lunch

Some food need very little doing to it – like this fillet of hot smoked salmon. Just a quick post today. I’ve been crazy busy at work so my lunch had to be quick and simple. Luckily, I just received a few hot smoked salmon fillets from Delish Fish. If you are in the UK […]


Pan Steamed Salmon With A Rich & Creamy Coconut Sauce

Try to find wild salmon for this recipe… Amazing! When you get the ingredients right, you can eat gourmet meals like this, quickly and inexpensively. Recently I took my wife, Caroline to one of those fancy Michelin starred London Indian restaurants and she ordered this salmon dish. It wasn’t difficult to copy. As you can […]


How to Make Tandoori Style Salmon That Melts in Your Mouth

  If you haven’t tried tandoori style salmon, it’s time you did!   I love tandoori food! Presumably, as you’re reading this recipe, you’re quite fond of it too. If you’re like me, however, you probably don’t have a tandoor oven sitting around your property. No worries… This tandoori style salmon tastes spectacular cooked on […]