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Tandoori Salmon Tikka With Soy Sauce, Ginger and Garlic

This is a really nice way to barbecue salmon. The marinade it sweet and garlicky. As you only grill the salmon for about five minutes, it is nicely charred on the exterior and so succulent. You could only marinate the fish for about 20 minutes but this is a light marinade and I like to […]


Blackened Salmon With A Coriander And Lime Sauce

This salmon recipe is a try favourite Salmon is such a fun fish to work with. I’ve prepared this salmon with a coriander and lime sauce in a number of different ways and each time it has gone down very well. I’ve steamed the salmon, roasted in on cedar planks, BBQed it and as I’ve […]


Cedar Plank Wrapped Salmon With Spicy Saffron Kedgeree

Salmon wrapped in cedar is a real treat! I have been making this amazing salmon dish in one way or another for years. Find yourself the freshest wild salmon you can buy and let the subtle flavour of the cedar wood be absorbed into the flesh. That together with the simple but tasty marinade makes […]


How to Make Indian Barbecued Salmon That Literally Melts in Your Mouth

  Barbecued salmon is the grandest of dishes   So yesterday – Saturday – around 3.00pm I was sitting with my wife and we suddenly realised we didn’t have anything in for dinner. It had been a dreary overcast day but our realisation just happened to coincide with a break in the clouds and a […]