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How to Make Balti Prawns

  Balti Prawns is one of the most popular balti house dishes   I’ll never forget the first time I made this balti prawns recipe! One of my college friends, Charlie had the ingenious idea of trying to cook balti prawns on the beach over a wood fire. Eight of us, including my then future […]


How to Make a Quick and Easy Indian Style Clam and Coconut Curry

  Clam and coconut curry is one of my all time favourites!   Clam and coconut curry is delicious and just the type of meal I like to cook when all I really want to do is nothing. The curry can be made with very little effort and what’s more it’s packed with flavour! I […]


Easy Indian Prawn Recipe – Baked with a Coconut and Mustard Sauce

A traditional Indian prawn recipe packed with flavour This is a very easy Indian prawn recipe and perfect for serving large groups. All of the preparation can be done ahead of time. The only thing you will have to do before serving is bake the prawns for about fifteen minutes. I often cook this Indian […]