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How to Make Saag Roti – A Popular Indian Spinach Flatbread

  If you love tortillas, you’ll be crazy about saag roti!   This is an easy roti (bread) recipe that is both interesting to look at and tasty too. Saag roti in good for you and can be eaten on its own or dipped in your favourite curry. My kids like to eat saag roti […]


How to Make Saag Paneer – A Popular Indian Vegetarian Cheese and Spinach Recipe

  Homemade saag paneer makes a great main or side dish   I have ordered saag paneer at countless restaurants. Sometimes I have been quite impressed but usually it’s a bit of a mess. The most important part of getting this recipe right is using the freshest ingredients and ensuring you don’t overcook the spinach! […]


How to Make Lamb Saag Gosht – A Lamb & Spinach Curry That is So Good For You

  This dish is a step above most saag gosht recipes!   You are about to learn a simple yet delicious recipe that has its origins in the north of India. Homemade fresh saag gosht doesn’t get much better than this! Compared to the saag gosht you find in most curry houses, it’s alive with […]