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My Daughter Jennifer’s Amazing Butter Chicken Recipe

My daughter and I have made this butter chicken together so many times! I love including the kids with the preparation of our Indian meals. Luckily, they quite seem to like it too. My nine year old daughter Jennifer and I have made this butter chicken recipe many times together. It’s so good and mildly […]


How To Make Home-Cooked Tandoori Salmon

This tandoori salmon recipe can be prepared and served in about 40 minutes. One of the best things about having made home cooked Indian food for so many years is that I can now make up recipes quite easily. I know how each and every spice tastes. Over time these flavours have become part of […]


How To Make Tandoori Masala

This tandoori masala is nice to have on hand I want to teach you how to make an amazingly easy tandoori masala. This masala – or mixure – can be used to brighten up curries, marinade meat and vegetables and it works well as a dry rub for brilliant BBQs. If you compare it to […]


Tandoori Chicken in a Tomato, Garlic and Fenugreek Sauce

Tandoori chicken like this just gets it!   This is a tandoori chicken dish that could just as easily be grilled on a barbecue or in a hot oven. In fact, I usually cook the chicken over a hot wood burning BBQ. The smoky flavour adds so much to the finished dish. The sauce can […]


How to Make Easy Tandoori Chicken

  You don’t need a tandoor to make mouth-watering tandoori chicken This is a tandoori chicken recipe without the tandoor oven. Instead, I recommend barbecuing it though it can be cooked in the oven. It’s easy and the marinade only takes minutes to make. One of the most difficult things about barbecuing chicken is the […]


How to Make Tandoori Style Salmon That Melts in Your Mouth

  If you haven’t tried tandoori style salmon, it’s time you did!   I love tandoori food! Presumably, as you’re reading this recipe, you’re quite fond of it too. If you’re like me, however, you probably don’t have a tandoor oven sitting around your property. No worries… This tandoori style salmon tastes spectacular cooked on […]