About Great Curry Recipes

Welcome to my world of great curry recipes!

Hi – I’m Dan – and I love Indian food and curries.

Each of these ‘great curry recipes‘ have been written by me. I am a freelance food writer/blogger and occasional special events chef based in North Yorkshire England. These recipes have all been tested – some hundreds of times – by me in my own home kitchen.

I was born and raised in California where I was introduced to great food young. My grandfather passed down to me all of the family recipes while I was growing up and so began a love for cooking that has made life very enjoyable and tasty too.

After learning and cooking each of our family recipes, I began to experiment with Mexican and Chinese cooking. I loved the spices and different techniques used and carefully set out to learn and memorise the different flavours and techniques.

Indian curries or should I say Indian food is now my cuisine of choice. Barely a day goes by where I do not make a curry of some kind. I love to experiment with flavours and give traditional Indian recipes new life.

My blog is a collection of recipes both authentic and Indian restaurant style. Whether you’re looking for traditional Indian, Pakistani and bangladeshi recipes OR you want to learn all your curry house favourites, you’ll find the recipes here!


Keep These Great Curry Recipes Great by Using the freshest Ingredients!


Do not worry too much about getting the measure exactly right. Once you begin to experiment – as I have done – and learn the flavours of the different ingredients, you will be able to create these great curry recipes without the use of a recipe.

I have been served some amazing dishes by top curry chefs around the world. No two dishes are the same. One chef’s lamb rogan josh will taste different to another chef’s lamb rogan josh.

Follow my great curry recipes and you will learn that part of the fun of cooking great Indian cuisine is putting a bit of yourself into the dish by your use of different spices and herbs. That is what I find so fun about this amazing cuisine.

If there is one thing I could recommend to ensure your dishes taste great, it is to use locally reared produce, fish and meat whenever possible. I love going to farmers markets to source my food because I know the quality of the food will be much higher than what you can find in the large supermarkets.

I would love to hear from you. Please try my Indian recipes and let me know what you think. Have you improved them in any way? Feel free to share.


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